Day 144 – Wolves Must Eat

Sometimes the wolf wants meat

So often she must face defeat 

That’s the life in this society 

Forget the rest and have a feast 

Day 18 – Mile #1

Mile #1 is the most psychologically challenging because the brain is arguing, with itself, on whether to keep going or to turn around and go home. 

Once the first mile is over, the music takes hold and the body has somewhat acclimated to the weather. It’s usually fairly smooth sailing for the upcoming miles. 

Misfit Wolf pack

Misfit Wolf Pack

He was neglected

And found a lone wolf

A she wolf, perhaps

As lonely as he

He broke from his cage

And followed the loner

To a better home

The other, she was a runt

Smallest of the litter

Chosen by pity

Raised with love

She lost her brother

And accepted the other

She is alpha, never forget


That lone she wolf

She calls the hunts

A hunt for love and bonding

Often tired, she is

Yet she tries her best

She loves her pack

In them, she finds rest

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