Dear Summer…Stay

Why do you leave me every year? We are forever connected and even in winter I feel your spirit warming my soul.

So stay with me. Just one year – don’t leave. Let me feel your heat and sunshine throughout the months of cold. Others will be unhappy but they don’t matter. We won’t care what they feel. They can stay inside while we ride the waves and soak in the sun. We are one, you and I.

Summer, come back to me. You’re just around the corner but I don’t care. I cannot wait any longer. I want you now. I ache without you, my heart shrivels up and grows pale while you are away.

Bring me back to life, Summer. Come home to my soul, where you belong. Come and stay, never leave me again. There’s no one out there who loves and cherishes time with you the way that I do. My love is pure. You’re the only match for me.

Summer, let’s go. Let’s head towards warm water and bleached clothes, tanned skin and sweaty faces.

Come home, Summer. I’m waiting for you in the cold rain. I will always wait for you to return.

One day, Summer, I will pack up my things and chase you around the globe.


A Southern Soul

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