Already Torn, Friend

“You’re a little late, I’m already torn.”  Torn

I apologize for wasting your time. So let’s avoid wasting much more. Here’s a heads up about me that you, my new friend, should know: I’ve been broken for quite some time. It started in childhood with a sharpened stake poking my soul. As I aged, others slowly hammered the wooden spike deeper into my flesh. And then there was the savior that made the final strike. That’s when all hope was lost and I became the dark shadow I am now. That’s when the demons entered and transformed my pure heart into their permanent residence. I’m not one to lie, and I’ve been on the receiving end of a broken soul. Though I would never desire your departure, my goal is to keep you safe and free of burden. The only way I know to ensure this, is for you to leave. Now. Get out while you can, before our thoughts are only of each other. Before one of us is anchored by the other’s needs and guilted into staying. I’m sorry we didn’t meet long ago, before my heart learned hate and a hardening process took the place of healthy growth. But there’s nothing we can do now. I would change if I could, if I were strong enough to alter my perception. I am what I am, and you’re too late. The damage was inflicted long before our passing. Save yourself…from me. It’s not too late for you. Go live a beautiful life with others who deserve the light of your presence. Forget that we ever met, ever made memories, ever laughed and cried together. Leave before I break you the way they all broke me. I don’t want to create and send another damaged heart into the world.

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