Q&A Throughout Life

Insanity has been the result of years of searching for answers to my questions. At this point, I’m not even sure answers would help.

Maybe the answers aren’t the problem. Maybe I should ask different questions. Maybe I should enjoy asking the questions.

Perhaps the answers are in the questions themselves.

My Goal is Freedom

The goal is, and always was, freedom. Even in the days of middle school spent in tears knowing I shouldn’t have to spend so much time in a place I didn’t belong – deep down I was just craving freedom, though I didn’t understand it then.

The path set out before me was never questioned by anyone. I began to wonder why we all blindly follow these stepping stones as if they are the only way to cross through this life.

Our lives are mostly planned from childhood. “Act this way,” “go to this place,” “earn this degree,” “find a career” etc. We typically do exactly what is expected of us without ever questioning it.

Perhaps it’s just me, but from a young age I knew this system wasn’t right for me. Regardless, I felt I had to follow it. I still feel like I have to follow it.

How do we find true freedom?

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