The Dream worlds Theory

Our reality that we live each day is only 1 of 3 major realities in existence. In other words, our universe is but 1 of 3. The truth is that 2 other dimensions exist.

The first other dimension is a prosperous one. It’s a world full of everything you, or anyone, has ever wanted. Our other selves are living out our wildest and most joyous fantasies in this utopian universe.

The other, other, dimension is a horrendous one. This is a place filled with terror, misery, and pain. Here, our other selves are living in a literal hell on earth. This is not a place anyone would choose to visit.

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The dimension/reality we live in now is a mixture of the two others. We live in a world that is comprised of both terrible things and wonderful moments. We experience the good side and the bad.

Dreams are the way we connect to these other selves living in the alternate realities. When we experience horrific nightmares we are really glimpsing the life of the other living in the nightmarish universe. Those nights where we wake up in sweats, racing hearts, and relief that it was “only a dream,” we are seeing the darker world in the eyes of our alternate self. Conversely, when we experience pleasant dreams we are seeing through the eyes of our double living in the prosperous dimension. By dreaming, we connect to the alternate self and see into the world of flourishing dreams and heart-warming happiness.

By dreaming, we are connecting to the lighter and darker dimensions of reality. We, in our current world, are stuck in the middle of two extremes. Dreams allow us to peak into the others’ lives.

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2 Eye-Openers from the Flat Earth Theory

Last year a kid told me about his theory that the Earth is actually flat, not round. I laughed it off until I listened to a podcast on this very conspiracy theory a few weeks ago.

It was then that I realized that this idea that the Earth is flat is an actual movement – this thought is spreading. Grown men and women are buying into it. There are events out there promoting the Flat Earth Theory.

I didn’t learn about the shape of the Earth from this theory, but I did learn a couple facts about life:

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1 – An idea, no matter how insane or irrational, can spread immensely.

Whoever started this modern movement has done a great job of amassing followers. There’s no doubt about that. A full on conspiracy theory has developed and all of the spherical Earth images found online are viewed as lies by this group.

Ideas can potentially be the most powerful resources on the planet. Some are used for good, others are used to cause destruction. We all have ideas both small and large. We all hear about, read about, or spread ideas everyday. It’s only natural and it’s a gift. Ideas allow us to use our intelligent thinking and creative sides.

Some ideas have the power to spread across populations, regardless of the intent. In fact, the crazier the claim, the more likely it will probably spread.

Be careful about what you spread as far ideas go. Most importantly, be careful what you believe.

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2 – People will look for faults and lies in everything.

I believe having a hint of skepticism in life is a good trait. Some people think, “Hey, they’re lying to us about the shape of the Earth!” Maybe they are. Who knows? Who are they? And what motive would “they” have to lie to us about this topic? Regardless, we all have the right to ask these questions.

Having skepticism also allows the other side to say, “I don’t believe that theory. I think the images of round Earth are legit and that theory is incorrect.” We all have the right to make this statement as well.

Whatever you believe, you have the right to believe that. I respect those who stand by their belief systems. Make intelligent conjectures and question everything. We shouldn’t believe everything “they” tells us, but we also aren’t being lied to about all the details.

Be skeptical, not insanely cynical, but a bit skeptical.

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That’s what the Flat Earth Theory taught me. I’m personally not a fan of the theory but if you are, I respect that. Ideas have power, question everything.

On a daily routine note, it wouldn’t affect my everyday life if the Earth were flat or even a pyramid. Nothing would change except the structure of Google Earth.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you think of some great ideas today.

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3 Ways Zeitgeist: The Movie Will Make You Think

Zeitgeist: The Movie can be found for free on Youtube and details a few major conspiracy theories. I don’t want to give much away, I’m only a viewer of this documentary and wouldn’t do it justice with my words. I suggest everyone watch this video. Even if you don’t agree with what it says, it’s still a well made video that causes viewers to think about our world.

My personal views aside, here are three major life lessons anyone of any belief system can draw from this video:

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1 – Religion has been used to control people – and continues to abuse its power.

I believe that there are genuine people out there practicing religion who gain spirituality and comfort from it. However, I also know that there are others who have taken this sector and used it to gain power and control those who follow along.

In addition to any sacred texts, rules are added, punishments are established, and money is demanded of the followers. Those in charge take advantage of their followers by threatening their souls and well-being.

Religion might mean much for some, but it’s also been used as a tool to control and gain power. Believe and practice religion if it suits your soul, but don’t let those in charge manipulate and control you with lies. Don’t be fooled by the words of charismatic, corrupt men and women.

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2 – People who think too much are dangerous to those in unethical control.

To have mindless, distracted subjects is ideal for those in control. If we’re all blindly following along playing games on our iPhones, then there’s no one to question those in authoritative positions. There’s no one to notice the messed up policies and actions of those who have power.

Dangerous in today’s society doesn’t mean carrying a rifle or planting a bomb. Those who are truly dangerous are those who think too much and strive to threaten the corrupt establishments that we follow without questioning.

The world is the way it is nowadays – but it doesn’t have to be so. When we give up dreaming of different possibilities is when we completely give those in charge all power over us.

Be dangerous – be a thinker.

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3 – Nothing in our society is how it seems.

The biggest mistake we all make is believing whatever we’re told by the media. The truth is, we can’t take any of it seriously because we’ve been lied to for so long.

The only real truth is what we experience and see for ourselves. Look at how you are living life. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Do you feel like you belong and have safety? What you experience is reality. What they tell us is modified by monetary gain and the pursuit of continued power.

Explore and find your own answers because no one on a TV screen is genuinely handing them out.

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Zeitgeist: The Movie is a bit of a mind boggling watch. It might lead you to believe what’s discussed in the video or it might not. Either way, it will make you think about this world today. Have an unbiased, open mind and check it out.

Thanks for reading this post. Go do some exploring.

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