Day 32 – The Colors of a Setting Sun

I like pale orange with a soft blue, like the setting sun over a vast ocean. Or in my case, over a vast field of dead winter grass and a telephone pole.

Day 8 – Nothing To Be Sorry For

It took me a long time to forgive myself and even longer to realize that I never had any reason to be sorry in my the first place. I was only 18. That might be the weakest, most cliche excuse in the book. Who cares? I was only 18 and I made a mistake. Welcome to the humanity club, kid. I’m not sorry.

I have no reasons to be sorry. And for that, I am free.

Day 4 – Skin in the Dump

Skin in the dump // would have been fun

Without all the blood // and a little more numb

But what’s done is done // now time for self love

After all I’ve messed up // I’ll rise with the sun

The pain let’s me know // that I’m not a ghost

I exist in this life // as solid as stone

When the stars align // we’ll be alright

I never knew // I had so little time

Falling Sun Haiku

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