Queen of Demons

The queen of all demons

That was you

Still in my dreams

After seven years 

Where are you now

If not infecting my heart 

Do you even exist 

Without my pain

Without a host 

A host as lost as me

As susceptible as myself

You are nothing

Without a soul to eat

Without me

You need my dreams 

Demonic parasite 

Companion of Darkness

Born after tragedy, it’s time to make a choice. One is for fun, one makes you numb. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of me, too. I made mistakes, but so did you. So who’s to blame for all the hate?

There’s something underneath the floor…it’s scratching and clawing, growling and snorting. One day the beast will break through the skin and find itself in the outside world. What then, will become of the those who doubted that soft soul?

A quarter down. Maybe less to go. Maybe more to show. No one ever truly knows. All we can do is…go. Live. Search. I write these words so I’m never alone, wherever I roam, the pages will flow. That’s the promise I made to myself. I started for you, but I’ll stay for myself.

They didn’t like how dark it was. My complaint is that it wasn’t dark enough. Darker than me is what I need to see. Lighter and free is only haunting to me. Darkness has been the theme since I was only three. I can’t forsaken it now, the only organism with me throughout it all. Tears didn’t come that night, while every previous year they were too abundant to stop. What made the difference? What stopped the annual flood from breaking the ever powerful dam?

My door is always open but my heart is always covered with bricks. A surface free to anyone with insides guarded by wolves. What will change? What will stay the same? Will darkness continue to rule the majority or will a new companion come to light?

A Downside to Royalty

A kingdom far away

A marriage arranged

Between a cocky young prince

And a girl made to change

“Be more feminine” they’d say

Slowly she conformed

And was sold to the king

To marry his son

She was princess Daisy

He was Prince Dom

And though it was forced

They fell for each other

She could hang

He was kind

They were in it together

Until one tragic day

When Dom’s father died

Too soon he passed away

Before Dom’s ruling time

Dom had to grow up fast

A kingdom at war

Take the crown, don’t look back

Princess Daisy becomes the queen

The young queen of a kingdom

Under stress at war

With a young king

Growing tired and older by the day

The Strength of the Mother

Waiting for the helicopter, Jake was reminded of the time he had torn his ACL back in high school. He was a junior and dreaded each football game. He hadn’t been sad he would miss the rest of the season that year. 

He held his hands over the makeshift tourniquet and pressed down with firm pressure. The bullet had hit his mother in the torso. Jake’s slow tears dripped on his mother’s face as she wiped them from his face with a weak hand.

The old ACL injury hadn’t been too bad. Jake remembered his mother nursing him back to health. Now that the tables were turned he didn’t know if he could be as strong as she had always been. 

The Wings of New (530 Word Story)

Barbara has seen three gruesome wars and multiple economic depressions. She had witnessed decades of societal changes and dozens of presidential races. She watched friends around her slowly wither away until death overcame them. She lost her husband to cancer. She had even watched two of her sons take their own lives. 

Through it all, Barbara remained resilient and continued along her path of creating a better world for her descendants. Her body was ready to leave the earth and decay in the dirt, but her mind and spirit still had much work to accomplish. 

“Are you ready, Mrs. Kelsey?” The nurse asked gently and held out a cold, soft hand.

Barbara nodded her head and grabbed the nurse’s hand.

“Are you afraid?” Asked the nurse.

“No. If it is my time to go, I will not argue.” Barbara clenched the rosary in her hand and brought it to her face. Silently, she said a prayer.

The nurse took Barbara to a room down the hall of the serpentine hospital. The room was white and reeked of sterilization. In the center sat a clean metal table. 

The nurse helped Barbara lie down on the table and then asked one more time, “Are you certain?”

Barbara said one final prayer and sighed, “Yes.”

The nurse injected a clear liquid into Barbara’s neck. Peaceful sleep overcame her.


“Alright, we are all finished.”

Barbara couldn’t see anything but blackness, but she began to register voices all around. 

The wings of steel were the first appendage she felt. She felt them, as if they were her own. They were her own. And for the first time in her life, it was time to fly. 

It was time to fly away from the life that had beaten her down day by day. It was time to fly away from the institutions that had failed her and the people who left her high and dry. 

Barbara’s vision finally began to clear. Her vision went from blurry to immaculate perfection – every tiny detail in the surgical room was sharp and defined. Nurses walked around the room covered in scrubs, gloves, and masks. 

And then Barbara saw her new shiny vessel. Gone were the days of barely getting around on two twice replaced hips and wretched knees. The days of flight were coming. Barbara’s birdlike body shimmered under the surgical lights. She brought her wings into view and smiled with her newly placed beak. 

“Goodbye,” Barbara whispered as she spread her mechanical wings across the room. Glass shattered and nurses screamed out in shock. 

Flapping the powerful appendages, Barbara rose from the gurney and shot up through the foam ceiling panels. She broke through to the next floor up and sped towards the first widow in sight. People all around screamed and ran, but Barbara was determined. 

She steeled her body and closed her eyes as she braced for impact with the glass. She barely even felt the widow shatter all around her polished frame. 

Feeling the sunlight hit her new feathers of steel, Barabara opened her eyes and saw the sun for the first time in weeks. 

She flew towards the sun, smiling and radiating freedom the entire time. 

Creating MEdusa and Achilles

Video Log #899

“Fascinating are the stories from days when stories were the only form of entertainment. That’s why I’ve created the beasts below the bunker. They will plunge this world back into the days of the renowned Greek storytellers. I’m mostly excited about the Medusa I’ve created. She is perfect and will turn thousands to stone with her stone-vision. Her hair is made of real snakes I captured and merched with her artificial skull. She will change society herself within just a few days of release. The first misson for Medusa will be to destroy my brother. He wishes to stop me and he might be the only person intelligent enough to do so.”

“Not today, Richard.”

“Oh! No, no, no!”

“I am Achilles, product of Raymond. He sends his regards.” Achilles plunges a spear into Richard’s belly.

End Video Log #899

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