Day 270 – This is Why We Should Not Be Ashamed of Our Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses are our perceptions of what’s not “normal” right? Maybe the ill are the norm and the well are the abnormalities. 🤔 Actually, I’ll bet the majority of people aren’t “well” or “normal.” So that’d make mental illness just our normal mental states. Maybe if we saw it like that we’d feel less ashamed about it.

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The Hell I Overcome

After listening to words of rejection and failure for choosing to improve my health with help, I’ve started to see myself as weak.  Time after time, I’m forced to regret my decisions that ultimately saved my life. Apparently only the weakest of souls need help to be healthy. At least that’s what I’ve been told, indirectly, by multiple institutions. 

Am I weak for seeking medical forms of help? Does that make me insane and incapable of protecting others or doing a job properly? I guess it doesn’t matter, because I’ll never get the chance to try.

When feeling down about all this, I found a new song by a band called Bad Omens. And it pushed me to realize that I’m not weak for seeking help. I’m a survivor and I still have a lot of life left to live. The song is called “The Hell I Overcame” and here are a few of the lines that helped me get back on my feet:

“Did you really think the pain would send me to an early grave? Did you think I couldn’t break these chains after all the hell I overcame?””God, please forgive those who doubt me, forgot about me, then throw them down into the flames.”

Instead of letting myself to not feel good enough, not feel capable of achieving something great, or allowing others to decide my fate, this song motivates me to put the pity party in the past and figure out a way to get what I want out of my life.

Maybe I don’t fit the perfect mold of what has historically set the precedent for what I want to be, but that shouldn’t lead me to give up on my dreams. It shouldn’t lead anyone out there from striving to become more. Never let others or a set of ancient rules tell you who you are.

Overcome. And check out the song:

“Did you think I couldn’t break these chains after all the hell I overcame?”

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