355 – The Soulsphere

I don’t think souls are earthly. The earth and the universe we are in – they’re just places we inhabit for awhile, you know.

Souls come from an entirely different plane of existence. A realm beyond all physical realms. It’s not material or concrete. It’s a form of matter far too complex for our earthly brains to comprehend.

The Soulsphere, perhaps, is what it is. It’s where all creations of the multiverse originate. It’s where all souls go to Rest In Peace before returning to a physical plane.

Beyond the universe, beyond the multiverse, and nowhere physically present to our human eyes – but our souls know it’s there somewhere.

Of course, it’s difficult to say anything exists without definite proof. I believe that’s another earthly trait – needing concrete evidence of every theory. We’re forced to follow our feelings and feelings are not always reliable.

Who knows? Soulsphere. Maybe so.

Not from this realm

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