Advice from Big Sisters To Help You in a Crisis

Two powerful giant eggs in a magic box sit quietly in a cave near Angel Grove. Rita knows these eggs contain “universal power,” but learns that only an innocent child can open the box containing the eggs.

Rita’s solution = create a giant chicken and kidnap a child. Because, why not? She’s an evil witch.

The conflict arises when putties crash a peaceful picnic with Kimberly, Trini, and a child they’re helping. The girls fight but the putties end up teleporting away with the child.

There are four important life lessons in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 1:7:

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1 – Stay calm in a crisis.

Kimberly starts to lose a little of her cool while the team of rangers searches for the missing child. Jason calmly reminds her to settle down and reassures her that they’ll succeed in locating and rescuing her little friend.

Kimberly is close to this child and probably feels somewhat responsible for the kid’s kidnapping, so she’s not keeping a level head. Thankfully, team leader Jason is there to talk her down and keep her mind on the mission at hand.

Stay calm in a crisis because panicking won’t help anyone but the enemy. You won’t accomplish anything if you don’t keep your cool and focus on the task.

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2 – Find alternatives if the normal path isn’t available.

The Rangers’ teleportation and communication devices are malfunctioning just when they need them. They need the guidance of Zordon but aren’t able to speak with or see him right away.

The Rangers don’t give up, they don’t get angry, they just find another way to get to Zordon. Billy saves the day with his new invention, the “Rad Bug.” It’s basically a slug bug that flies. So the Rangers end up flying in the “Rad Bug” to the Command Center.

Problem solved.

Regarding real life, if something isn’t working don’t give up or get angry. Be creative and find another way to accomplish your goal. The possibilities are endless if only you explore them.

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3 – Sometimes the boss has to come get his/her hands dirty.

Once the Rangers launch the precious power eggs back into the lake, Rita rides her 18th century bicycle down from space and joins the fight. This is the first time Rita has directly entered a fight with the Rangers on Earth.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, right? The boss is the leader, the commanding officer, but that doesn’t mean he/she can’t come down and help out the employees if they’re struggling. It’s builds respect to see the boss come in and do some grunt work for a change.

Of course, Rita achieves nothing with her appearance. I’m not sure she gained any respect. She’s a terrible example.

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4 – Don’t kidnap children.


“Big Sisters” ends with the child claiming she’ll now be the most “popular” in her class because she was rescued by the Power Rangers. At least she has good priorities.

Always stay calm, find alternatives if your way isn’t working, the boss should get her hands dirty occasionally, and don’t kidnap children. Thanks, “Big Sisters.”

On an inventive note, I learned that a great way to create monsters to fight the Power Rangers is to abnormally enlarge everyday animals. Make that farm animal super big and boom – we have our next villain.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you aren’t disqualified from any science fairs today.

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