329 – Is there Power in Belief?

What if I believed in me?

What if I believe I’m free?

Is there power in belief?

Delusional or enlightening?

Haha. I Don’t know, you see?

Ich weiß nicht 🤔

Ich weiß nicht


I bought a bunch of stuff

Temporary happiness

That’s what they say

Extrinsic goods

Extrinsic happiness

We want the InternL stuff

Intrinsic goods

Intrinsic happiness

He says it’s all belief

We shall see

New boots


New books

Heaven, man

New bodywash

(But I am still healing from coronavirus and cannot really smell the heavenly soaps I purchased today)

Gifts for the baby! Baby girl. Can’t wait to meet her.

Hey! That’s an intrinsic factor, yeah? Holding a baby gives me some intrinsic happiness. Babies!

Puppies! Kittens!

Not people, though. My allergies act up in the presence of too many people. Humans.

One on one? Oh yeah. I’ll kill that conversation with curiosity and compassion.

Three or more? Too much. Must leave. People in crowds lose themselves. They lose their goodness and we all become objectified.

What else did I buy…not much. Good thing! Almost bought the white boots, too. They didn’t have my size. My bank account is grateful. Still have medical bills for the finger incident.


Hey, it’s free. Not curious? That’s cool.

Are you still with me?

Money, money, money! Damn we can’t get enough of that useless stuff, can we?

And it’s close to Christmas. Know what that means? Time to blow that money on useless plastic nothing!

Plastic. Bad for the planet. Extrinsic items!

Intrinsic goods are not plastic.

They’re carbon. They’re alive!

Or are they…perhaps they are extraterrestrial. Not of this earth, but of the Soulscape.

The Soulscape.

Do I believe in the Soulscape? Do I believe in me? It’s Saturday night. Perhaps I should just go to sleep…

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30 Day Motivation Challenge

I’ve been struggling with motivation issues lately in every aspect of life – working out, writing, self care, etc. So I wrote out this challenge for myself to build my personal motivation. You can download it at the bottom of this post if you are having issues like me. Hang in there! Motivation does exist and together we will find the holy grail! I’m not sure what I just said, but here’s the PDF. Have a good weekend, friends.

Day 8 – Nothing To Be Sorry For

It took me a long time to forgive myself and even longer to realize that I never had any reason to be sorry in my the first place. I was only 18. That might be the weakest, most cliche excuse in the book. Who cares? I was only 18 and I made a mistake. Welcome to the humanity club, kid. I’m not sorry.

I have no reasons to be sorry. And for that, I am free.

Day 7 – Sitting in Silence is a Sanctum

Just knowing that someone is there, willing to listen, helps a ton. Even if we speak no words and make no confessions, having another soul close by with open ears can make a huge impact on a damaged soul. 

Much of the problem nowadays is the fact that we are all too timid to speak up about the storms brewing inside of us. Whether it’s because of shame, social norms, or poor past experiences of sharing, pretty much everyone is hesitant to share his/her darkest secrets. 

So if you have a friend in need of venting, but she won’t speak to you, don’t let frustration take over. Just be there for your friend and let her know that you’re available to listen – with an open mind and completely open ears. No judgement. And if she still doesn’t want to speak, then sit with her in silence. Even that – just having a friend in close quarters – will help her feel a bit better. 

12 Rules Everyone Should Follow

Life can be sucky, or life can be great. We all have good days and bad days. Some things are entirely out of our control, but most of the time we have complete authority to make life more enjoyable. Here are 12 simple ways to start making the most out of life everyday:

1 – Change your thoughts to be positive.

Negative thoughts are way more damaging than we realize, and allowing them to continue to pass through our minds all day will create a hostile environment for our souls. The next time unkind thought comes to mind, immediately counteract it with a more positive one.

2 – Spend more time doing things that you enjoy.

Actively schedule activities within your week that will make you laugh and smile.

3 – Live in the moment and be mindful.

Try not to get caught up in planning and worrying about future troubles. Just breathe and enjoy what’s going on right now.

4 – Take good care of yourself.

Being selfless is important and meaningful, but nothing will ever get done if you allow your own health and wellness to falter. It’s totally okay to put yourself first sometimes.

5 – Be kind.

This goes for others and yourself. Always be kind, even when it’s difficult. This will keep your spirits up.

6 – Be brave and have an open mind.

Try new things. You’ll never know what amazing opportunities for an awesome life await you in the world if you never get out and do some exploring.

7 – Let yourself love.

Lowering barriers in order to let others in and allow ourselves to love can be terrifying. When we open up, yes, we open ourselves up to potentially be hurt. But we are also potentially creating a new, amazing friendship.

8 – Never sweat the small stuff.

Condition yourself to quickly let go of minor annoyances. If no one is dying or severely hurt, find ways to get passed the situation without letting it upset you.

9 – Understand that life is short.

Train your brain to see the big picture. Time is precious and we all need to truly know that one day we’ll be asking for more.

10 – Search for connections.

Connecting with others and with ourselves is one of the most exhilarating experiences we can have as humans. Make an effort to meet new people, discover your own values, and experience all the world has to offer.

11 – Avoid judging others and let judgement from other people go unheard.

Judgement is one of the most damaging flaws. When we judge others, we only hurt ourselves in return. And when we let the opinions of others dictate how we live, we become slaves to words. Make an effort to live and let others live the way they feel fit.

12 – Be grateful and always show gratitude.

No matter how small or insignificant, every act of kindness deserves immense gratitude. Be grateful for everything good in your life from running water and electricity to special friendships.

Implementing these simple acts will lead to a better life. Life won’t last forever and it’s up to us to make the most of the time we have on this planet. Thanks for reading.

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How To Like yourself Right Now

The person under the most scrutiny from our judgmental, harsh human brains tends to be – our own selves. I am my toughest, most persistent critic and I’m sure many others can relate to this. How could we ever be happy and content with an overly critical voice constantly screaming insults throughout the day? It is difficult, that’s for certain.

animal dog pet dangerous
Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

What can we do about this critic from within? How can we silence it and create a new, more positive voice? Having a compassionate, benevolent voice in your own head takes practice, but it’s very possible if you take the time to reshape your thoughts.

1 – Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend.

Sometimes the way we speak to ourselves is absolutely cruel and unnecessary. Think of how you talk to a friend when he/she is in need versus the way you speak to yourself in difficult times. The responses are likely completely on opposite sides of the spectrum. Harsh words to yourself like, “You look ugly,” “You’re so stupid,” and “You should just give up,” are all too common. How often to do say this to a friend? Probably never. If you find yourself being overly-critical of the way you look, your habits, your words, etc., take a minute to calm down and talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend. Say things like, “You look fine,” “You’re just having a rough day,” and, “You can do this.”

photo of four persons uniting hands
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Would you personally hang out with a person who threw out degrading comments all day? If not, then you shouldn’t have to put up with it from yourself either. Make a conscious effort to swap up that inner self talk and add in tons of tenderhearted statements.

2 – Talk to yourself like you would talk to a child or a pet.

Here I’m referring that embarrassing, high pitched, baby-like talk that you give your kids and animals. We all have our own personal pet/child language, but they all have the same underlying message of “I love you with all my heart.” Go all in and spend five minutes in front of a mirror throwing out your most cheesy, childish compliments to yourself. “You’re so adorable, I love you, you are amazing and awesome, you’re so smart, I’m so glad you’re in my life!”

animal pet cute kitten
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You deserve as much love as the cute kitty above. No holding back – it will feel terribly awkward and uncomfortable – but it will help you engrave more positive thoughts into your brain. And it will make you smile as well.

3 – Spend time with yourself.

Quality self-time is sure to open your eyes to the awesome person within. It’s great to be around others, but sometimes it’s necessary to hang out alone with your own thoughts. This quiet time alone is often something most people avoid – because it can be uncomfortable at first. In today’s world, we’re surrounded by stimulation to silence our inner voices. Social media, texting, talking with others, working too much – all of these serve as distractions from our thoughts. It can be scary to plan time away from the loudness.

person standing near lake
Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Pexels.com

Journal, take a long walk, go see a movie alone – the possibilities for a date with yourself are endless, and will not be as bad as you might think. Once you take the time to slow down and get to know who you really are, deep down, you will start to think, “Hey, I kind of like this person.” You also might surprise yourself.

4 – Say and repeat affirmations, in a mirror, at least twice per day.

Affirmations are awkward – it’s the truth. But they do grow less and less awkward with time and practice. And after awhile – you’ll even find yourself speaking those corny affirmations inside your head each time you see your own reflection. The first time I tried to speak a short list of affirmations in the mirror, I couldn’t. I stood there and stared at myself and started crying. I physically could not get the words to leave my throat. But I tried, everyday, morning and night. And then one day, one single affirmation came out. That’s all I managed that day, but it was a huge milestone for me. Work at it and create your own personal list of affirmations based on what your insecurities and sensitive spots are. Read that list out loud and in front of your reflection everyday and you will start to believe the words on the list.

blur cars clouds highway
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here are some of my personal affirmations as an example:

I’m a good person

I am enough

I am good enough

I’m proud of myself

I love my body

My body is strong

I am smart

I am creative

I am kind

My smile can make others smile

I love who I am

I am unique

If you are tired of talking to yourself with hatred and condemnation, please give the items in this post a try. Give it time, and your self talk will grow positive and uplifting. Thank you for reading this post and please know that you deserve to be treated with kindness from everyone – especially yourself.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope you are kind to yourself today.

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Dear Body in Pain

Dear body of steel so strong and invaluable, your pain will soon cease. That wound heals as we speak. Pain will fade and set you free.

After this, no one will be able to stop you. You are indestructible and ready to prepare for the war ahead. That pain you feel is all in the head. So say goodbye and let it end.

Dear body of the ocean so strong, feel the force you’re coming from. You are one with the immaculate Sun. Pain is nothing, pain is done.

Let the blood flow through the veins. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Pain will be gone and on it’s way. Body, you are perfect and need not change.

You need not heal, you’re already there. No more destructive acts or despair. The mind itself has made all the repairs. Test your power if you dare.

5 Acts of Kindness to Perform Daily

Kindness keeps the world spinning, right? Everyone on this planet is facing unique, difficult scenarios. A small, kind act from a another person whether he/she is a friend or a stranger on the street, can completely turn a rough day into a positive experience.

No matter how small or simple it may seem, we can all take a few moments each day to make someone smile, laugh, or feel significant. These acts of kindness can go a long way for both the persons committing and receiving the kind gesture:

1 – Smile at a stranger.

We pass dozens of faces everyday at work, the grocery store, etc., most of the time with automatic steps and never looking up at the people we pass. It might seem pointless and it could even feel awkward in the moment, but try flashing a huge, cheesy, genuine smile at these random people you pass by. Providing a moment of light in a person’s potentially dreadful day can lift the spirits (for both parties).

2 – Hand out simple compliments.

This world is coated in insecurities and we all have our own set of personal discomforts we feel about ourselves – the way we look, who we are, the jobs we work, etc. Receiving a compliment, no matter what it’s regarding, how simple it may be, or who it’s from, always sparks a warm feeling. Take a moment to compliment those around – a cute shirt, a nice hair color, pretty eyes, clear skin, hard worker, niceness, etc.

Though it’s simple, it will completely make that person’s day.

If you want to be a little weird with it – compliment the way his/her hands look when writing, the way he/she smells after running, or whatever he/she is eating for lunch.

Awkward compliments are flattering and might make the person laugh, also.

Okay, so maybe lay off the awkward compliments. And definitely never be inappropriate. Keep it simple and say something nice to people. That’s all it takes to see a smile and make someone’s day better.

3 – Ask and Listen.

People like and need to know that their lives matter in this world. We all need to know that others around us care about our lives and issues we’re facing. Ask about what’s going on, how the kids are doing, how that surgery went, or what’s going on at work.

Of course when questions are asked, it’s required that the person asking listens. Not just nodding a head and faintly hearing the answers, but truly listening and providing encouraging feedback.

4 – Remember the person’s name.

This is such a simple act that really makes people feel special and valued. Remembering a client, patient, or stranger’s name sparks immediate connection between the two people. Remembering the name is basically saying, “I remember you, and you are important to me.”

5 – Write ‘Thank You’ cards for everything.

Showing gratitude for what others do for us isn’t as common as it used to be. In fact, for most scenarios, we expect others to do certain things for us and we forget that the person didn’t have to do anything for us.

Never forget to personally thank those people who help you day to day or make you feel loved and cherished. A simple “thank you” card will make the other person feel appreciated. No matter how small the act provided was, show gratitude for that service, gift, friendship, or helping hand.

Being kind is great, and should be accompanied with gratitude for the kindness you receive yourself.

Give these five acts of kindness a try everyday for a week and see what happens. It’s almost a guarantee that you will feel good – whether people return the love or not.

The person who came up with the saying, “Kill them with kindness,” was a genius. Spread love around with small acts of simple kindness and see your world brighten up.

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This is Why You Should Keep a Journal

There are many good habits to take advantage of in order to make more out of life, and journaling is one of them. Here are 12 reasons why everyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, etc. – should keep a journal:

1 – Journaling forces us to slow down for a minute.

We live in a very fast paced society. Many days can pass us by before we even realize it’s actually been many weeks. Writing in a journal will force you to take a moment to slow down and realize what’s going on around.

2 – Journaling is a safe place to vent.

Every person on this planet could use a healthy outlet to vent and release strong emotions. Write it out, get it out of your brain and onto a sheet of paper so your mind can relax.

3 – Journaling helps you to enjoy special moments more by reliving the events as you write, and by having a record of milestones in life.

Writing down special moments, recording each detail as you remember it and how it made you feel will help you to cherish the moment even more. It goes back to slowing down and really dissecting the milestones you experience in life.

4 – Journaling is free.

All these benefits to offer and guess what? It’s free. Well, you might have to pay $2 for a composition notebook. But other than that, the positive effects of journaling are far too great to pass up.

5 – Journaling helps keep feelings in check.

Being overemotional is never a fun experience. Even being overly excited or joyful can lead to poor decisions. Journaling provides a release of those powerful emotions as it takes you away from the situation for a moment to settle down and vent simultaneously.

6 – Journaling helps you reflect on life in general.

Are you satisfied with the way your life is going? A journal gives you a firsthand account, in your own words, of your life. Reflect over the previous pages and ask yourself if you are living the way you’d like to be living.

7 – Journaling will take you away from social media for a few moments.

Social media can be very destructive. Put your phone aside for a bit and focus solely on your journal in front of you.

8 – Journaling helps you spot unhealthy or healthy patterns in your life.

If you are feeling low, physically or emotionally, look back through the pages of the journal you’ve been keeping and search for patterns. Did you eat out a lot? Did friends cancel plans multiple times? Thumb through the pages and find the consistencies and/or inconsistencies.

9 – Journaling will help you figure things out.

Jotting down ideas and brainstorming are great ways to figure issues out by exploring all the potential solutions. Journaling tends to be a form of this – sporadically writing down thoughts until finally something falls into place.

10 – Journals can be fun to look back on.

Similar to a photo album, old journals can be entertaining to look through years after they’ve been written. Laugh, cry, reminisce – you’ll be glad you wrote when you did because re-reading the pages will feel like re-living the moment.

11 – Journaling will keep your brain active.

Writing, reading, and planning what to write – all serve to keep the brain active and running. Neurons fire as you scribble down each sentence onto the page.

12 – Journaling will keep you grounded.

This point, in a way, ties everything together. Keeping a journal and writing in it daily will overall help you stay in check with your mind, body, emotions, habits, milestones, and anything else in your life that affects your wellness.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope this has convinced you to start keeping a journal. If you already do, awesome. We have something in common. 🙂 Have a great day!

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