326 – The Devil only Exists in Your Head

Ten years ago I was afraid of the devil. Now I’m not even sure I believe in the devil. I thought I was evil and haunted by demons because of the things I had done. They told me something was wrong with me and I believed them. I felt I wasn’t good enough for grace because of what I had been told my entire life.

Breaking free of all those beliefs has set me apart from all the negativity I grew up with. How could I ever go back? Am I perfect? No. Am I evil and deserving of torment and suffering? No.

So call me the devil all you want. If becoming a better person and learning that I’ve never had anything to be sorry for is satanic, then so be it. They can think what they will. They’ve looked down upon me my entire life. I tried to please them and I have now grown wings to escape their darkness.

I am not the darkness just because I’m a free thinker and enjoy death metal. I am not the darkness just because I am proud of myself and my choices. They are the darkness for making children feel ashamed of themselves. They are the darkness infecting this world. They are the darkness they do religiously preach against.

I do believe in the devil. The devil is all of those zealots condemning those of us trying to live and enjoy life. You wanted the devil, you created him.

I’m not afraid of the devil because I’m confident in who I am. I know where I stand. I don’t have all the answers but I know I’ll never return to your house of lies and judgement.

My goal is to spread love and goodness to the world. Your goal is to infect people’s minds with self hate and condemnation.

Call me the devil all you want. For every accusation you make, you only grow the devil in your own heart.

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305 – The Darkness is Gospel

They’re so afraid of the dark. They preach against it. I think they only want people to never see the truth that they’d find if they explored the dark a bit.

If you’re told your entire life that a certain thing is bad, it’s difficult to change that idea in your brain. So they instill it into our headspace so very few ever question their dogma.

You can’t be afraid of the darkness. It’s not good or bad, it’s just different. Unknown and different. If you take time to explore you’ll find it’s not so bad. The world isn’t as black and white as they’d have you think.

Explore the dark. Be the dark. Experience the dark. You’ll find it’s not scary at all. It’s just outside the bubble they’ve built.

Once you discover facts about the dark for yourself, you’ll lose any fear you’ve held onto. Get to know something and fear diminishes. That goes for all aspects of life – race, concepts, theories, cultures, wildlife, etc. Take the time to experience it and fear will flee.

By the way – the darkness won’t go away by pretending it’s not there. They’ll preach that too. Turn a blind eye. Ignore it. Just disregard it as if it doesn’t exist.

No. Of anything, stuff gets better when you face it. That’s like seeing the darkness is a mountain and saying, “Well, we will just never go that direction. We’ll pretend that land over there beyond the mountain doesn’t exist. It’s the devil anyway.”

No…we must climb the mountain. If you’re afraid of the mountain and what lies beyond, at least be honest and admit it. But you can’t just slap an evil sign in front of it because you’re afraid to venture out.

The darkness isn’t scary. It’s just…different. Not what we’re used to.

Try some darkness. You might like it, you might not. Either way, you’ll no longer fear it once you’ve faced it.

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Never bring fingers to a tooth fight.

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It’s All We Know

They ask a lot of questions because questions are less harmful when a person is younger and has less to hide. The grave gets deeper with each year as more secrets fill the space below the surface. It deepens faster than I can cover. Exposed. But there are worse ways to go and less cozy places to call “home.”

Happiness is dirty feet, long work days with plenty of sleep, and a nice meal followed by something sweet. There’s a painting here of you and me, sitting quietly on the beach. In that moment we are free. You and I – free. It’s comforting, even if it’s only a dream.

We live, we die, we choose and decide. We search for what is meant by “life.” It’s a mystery and no one knows why we’re left to confide in archaic lies. The choice is yours and the decision is mine.

Just because it’s all we’ve ever known doesn’t mean it’s all we ever have to know. There’s more to see and much to show if only we can let the past go. Letting the past go is a foreign concept to most. I must admit, I struggle with it, greatly so.

Skin melting plastic, metal burning wood – trust me, I’d explain if I could. I probably should, but there’s no time. There’s never enough time. Our days are borrowed and our sun will soon die. A massive explosion of fire raining down through the sky and into our hopeful eyes.

How negative of me. I apologize. Hold your head up high.

12 Situations Where Silence is Golden

Keeping quiet isn’t always easy, and depending on who you are, it might be seemingly impossible.

Often, staying quiet is a great way to maintain internal peace. No matter how difficult it is to hold your tongue back, here are 12 scenarios when you should ALWAYS avoid saying anything:

1 – Arguments about politics

Politics is a touchy subject for many people. When these people get started debating on a political issue, it’s best to just stay out of it. It’s not something we are ever going to agree on. We don’t have to agree in order to be civil. Whether you disagree with someone or not, it’s wise to avoid the argument.

2 – Arguments about religion

Religion is another subject that the entire world is never going to agree upon. We all have our reasons for practicing the religion of our choice, and thankfully in many countries we also have legal right to do so. So trying to convince everyone that a certain religion is best, is typically a waste of breath.

3 – When others are purposely trying to provoke you

Some people don’t care at all about what they’re preaching, they only want to spark a reaction from others. Just keep quiet around these foolish people. Never give what they desire by taking part in their discussion.

4 – When others are gossiping

Gossip is never a good idea. Even if you and your best friend are alone on a desert island, gossip only causes harm to everyone being discussed and everyone doing the discussing.

5 – When someone is “throwing a fit”

This includes not only young children, but also adults. Grown individuals are sometimes prone to ridiculous, over-the-top, tantrums. Don’t let whatever insults leave these people’s mouths to offend you. Be rational while they’re being irrational.

6 – Arguments about a TV Show, Movie, or other forms of Media

If it’s not a conversation that’s involving  life and death, don’t allow yourself argue about it. We are all free to enjoy or despise any type of television, music, or pop culture item that we want to. Arguing over such things is just ignorant.

7 – Disputes between family members

Don’t get yourself into a position where you are forced to choose sides between two family members. Families fight and make up all the time. Stay neutral and let them work their own issues out.

8 – Disputes between couples

Again, having to choose a side is never a good position to be in. Their issues are their business alone. Don’t get involved.

9 – If you don’t have all the information

Unless all the details are known and out in the open, keep quiet. You don’t want to make a judgement call without having accurate facts.

10 – When others are feeling strong emotions

Sadness, anger, disappointment, and even happiness can lead people to do and say some insane things. Let them get all the adrenaline out of their systems and calm down before having any serious discussions.

11 – If you are feeling strong emotion

We tend to say things we don’t mean when we’re running on high emotion. Calm down before blurting out statements that you might later regret.

12 – If you have nothing positive to say

It’s the rule that your parents and teachers always preached but rarely followed themselves: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This should be the golden rule.

Keep your dignity, and maintain your inner peace by staying quiet. The high ground is a nice place to be during these 12 uncomfortable situations. Have a great day free of arguments and heated discussions.

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5 Common Sense Laws from The Satanic Bible

In 1969, Anton Szandor LaVey published his controversial Satanic Bible, the official book of the Church of Satan. It’s not at all what you might assume it to be by it’s title. (I’m talking to you, Mom. I promise I don’t worship the devil.)

I read this book out of curiosity and it’s pretty interesting. Some of it I agree with and some parts I don’t, but that’s typical for anyone with most philosophical reads. I found LaVey’s sarcasm comical and his ability to jumpstart a new religion/church intriguing.

Here are 5 points The Satanic Bible makes that should be common sense law to everyone:

1 – Don’t judge a book by its cover (or a group by its symbol).

LaVey may have been shooting for some shock value when he decided to use the symbolism of Satan for his movement. Or he may have just been saying “screw you” to those (like Catholics) who viewed Satan and free thinkers as the ultimate sinners.

That being said, this book really has noting to do with Satan or black magic, demons or anything you might assume by the name and cover.

This book is LaVey’s views on life and how he feels we should act as people of Earth given the gift of life. It’s more anti-Christian than Satanic. It sounds like he viewed some hypocrisy in his early life and decided that perhaps the entire system is rigged and set up to make humans fail continuously.

Don’t be deterred by the name of Satan or the inverted pentagram. LaVey is basically just saying, “Well if Satan is ‘evil’ because he did what he wanted, then he’s my hero and I guess I’m evil, too.”

2 – Keep it simple – just live your life.

This is one of the main principles LaVey conveys in his book. He discusses freedoms, desires and natural impulses that all humans have. He explains how many religions describe these desires and impulses as sin, leading men and women to suppress feelings to the point of exploding and being terribly ashamed. LaVey theorizes that if we’re allowed to indulge on our impulses, we won’t be so angry, uptight, and irritable. If we know these desires are natural and not sinful, we won’t feel ashamed and in need of forgiveness.

LaVey is careful to mention that we should follow our impulses as long as it doesn’t hurt or hamper the freedom of anyone else. So he’s not condoning actions that harm others.

Shame so overpowering and commonplace in our society. Why is this so? Is it because religions have shamed us for natural instants for centuries?

It’s something to think about. Are we living our lives how we want or how we feel we should be living?

3 – Question everything.

Cynicism might not be the healthiest way to live, but generally having a skeptical mind isn’t a bad thing. Especially in this day and time – we’re fed so much BS through the internet and news stations that are supposed to be giving us truth. It’s hard to find credibility anywhere. Everyone claims to be an expert, everyone claims to have knowledge on subjects because they read some posts on Facebook, and everyone believes WAY TOO much of what they hear and see.

I want to believe that everyone is honest and genuine, but unfortunately, that’s not the case nowadays. I’m not sure that was ever the case when referring to ads and any form of media.

Everything we hear and read must be consumed with at least a hint of skepticism. It’s so easy to fall into a trap of misinformation. Read multiple sources and don’t take every Facebook article to heart.

4 – Be genuine, not a hypocrite.

LaVey talks about seeing men at carnivals hooking up with young women and then showing up to church the following morning with their wives and children. This was one of his main quotes in leading up to the spark of the Church of Satan.

If you follow a certain religion, that’s great. You do your thing. But don’t chastise others for breaking your religion’s rules if you do as well.

Just be genuine. It’s so simple. Don’t claim to be something you’re not. Don’t claim to be perfect, because no one is perfect. And that’s okay, that’s fine. Don’t call everyone out on his/her “sins” if you know you perform the exact same activities. (Don’t call anyone out on sins anyway, that’s a bit prude, Janice.)

Hypocrisy is disgusting. If you want to live by certain rules then go for it. If you break the rules, own up to it. We’re only human, here. Don’t pretend to be anyone other than yourself. Because you just might lead a young man to create a church that idolizes your church’s devil.

5 – Take responsibility for your own actions and your own life.

This is one of my favorite points from The Satanic Bible because religious or not, I think we all fall short of taking full responsibility of our own actions and lives. I’m guilty of this, too. We probably all are.

A few years ago I finally stopped blaming others for my issues and took some responsibility. That’s when I started to get better. Right now I’m working on taking responsibility for the direction of my overall life and career path.

Taking responsibility is difficult because it adds an enormous amount of pressure. It makes one think about his/her decisions objectively. It makes it your fault when you fail. So yes, it’s not always enticing. Here’s the thing, though – it’s so empowering to take control.

Jump into the command seat of your life starship. Don’t wait for the tides to turn or for the gods of Olympus to grant your every prayer. Take control and say, “You know what, even if I crash – at least I lived a little. At least I got to drive my own ship while others set sail on auto-pilot.”

Thanks for reading this post. The Satanic Bible is interesting, if nothing else, and certainly worth a read if you are curious about various religions.

Thanks for being alive. Go out and be genuine and live your life the way you want!

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3 Ways Zeitgeist: The Movie Will Make You Think

Zeitgeist: The Movie can be found for free on Youtube and details a few major conspiracy theories. I don’t want to give much away, I’m only a viewer of this documentary and wouldn’t do it justice with my words. I suggest everyone watch this video. Even if you don’t agree with what it says, it’s still a well made video that causes viewers to think about our world.

My personal views aside, here are three major life lessons anyone of any belief system can draw from this video:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1 – Religion has been used to control people – and continues to abuse its power.

I believe that there are genuine people out there practicing religion who gain spirituality and comfort from it. However, I also know that there are others who have taken this sector and used it to gain power and control those who follow along.

In addition to any sacred texts, rules are added, punishments are established, and money is demanded of the followers. Those in charge take advantage of their followers by threatening their souls and well-being.

Religion might mean much for some, but it’s also been used as a tool to control and gain power. Believe and practice religion if it suits your soul, but don’t let those in charge manipulate and control you with lies. Don’t be fooled by the words of charismatic, corrupt men and women.

Photo by Alex Zhernovyi on Pexels.com

2 – People who think too much are dangerous to those in unethical control.

To have mindless, distracted subjects is ideal for those in control. If we’re all blindly following along playing games on our iPhones, then there’s no one to question those in authoritative positions. There’s no one to notice the messed up policies and actions of those who have power.

Dangerous in today’s society doesn’t mean carrying a rifle or planting a bomb. Those who are truly dangerous are those who think too much and strive to threaten the corrupt establishments that we follow without questioning.

The world is the way it is nowadays – but it doesn’t have to be so. When we give up dreaming of different possibilities is when we completely give those in charge all power over us.

Be dangerous – be a thinker.

Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

3 – Nothing in our society is how it seems.

The biggest mistake we all make is believing whatever we’re told by the media. The truth is, we can’t take any of it seriously because we’ve been lied to for so long.

The only real truth is what we experience and see for ourselves. Look at how you are living life. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Do you feel like you belong and have safety? What you experience is reality. What they tell us is modified by monetary gain and the pursuit of continued power.

Explore and find your own answers because no one on a TV screen is genuinely handing them out.

Photo by Soonios Pro on Pexels.com

Zeitgeist: The Movie is a bit of a mind boggling watch. It might lead you to believe what’s discussed in the video or it might not. Either way, it will make you think about this world today. Have an unbiased, open mind and check it out.

Thanks for reading this post. Go do some exploring.

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