334 – Is it Possible to Alter Reality?

The unstoppable force and the immovable object. It’s what we want versus what reality has provided. One in the same. The physics and the games. Life is just a large game.

Can we win or alter the physics of reality? Or do we change what we want? Change our minds.

Change the objective of the game. Make the objective subjective because what’s within us all is a concoction of chemicals that varies from soul to soul.

Create your own objective. Then create your own reality that matches up with your personal objective.

Easier said than done. But impossible? Na. Not really. Just takes time and energy. And we use up so much energy doing stuff that’s so irrelevant to our objectives.

Give up everything that holds you back for your objective. Again, easier said than done. But did we really believe that altering our reality would be simple?

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Day 214 – This is the Definition of Reality

Our adult minds are clouded by the illusion of reality. We’ve created a crutch for the mind to lean on so it doesn’t have to think outside of the reality box.

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Day 136 – Back To Reality

Thanksgiving Break ends and I hear someone say, “back to reality,” as if good memories and time for rest aren’t realistic.

Work – work is realistic. (Apparently.) Does reality have to suck? Why can’t work be a bad dream while hanging out with loved ones and spending hours each day reading are true reality?

Work isn’t reality, it’s a scam. It’s conformity. Reality can be whatever we want it to be.

Day 27 – The World Follows Me

I feel guilty for things all over the world. I have felt guilty in the past for dying loved ones or perished pets. I’ve felt it was my fault if someone around me developed a sickness. I don’t know why, I just felt that if I had been better or in my prime perfect state, none of the bad stuff would have happened. Perhaps if I had been at peace, the world around me would have been at peace. 

Day 26 – Controlling Reality

We stress because we want power over our lives while simultaneously believing we are powerless. We either have to let go of wanting power and accepting what is, or we have to take control and realize that we have the power to control our lives. 

Day 13 – Fantasies and Realities

We all have different dreams…and that’s the problem. We want different endgames and therefore can never truly get the fantasy we dream of. Because for dreams we need players, and each player has to perform exactly along the scripted lines. Otherwise, nothing is accomplished. The issue is that all players are real humans, and all people have different goals. No one wants to forever play the part in someone else’s fantasy because then his/her own will never become reality. 

Luck – Creatures – Grave

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