Day 33 – Is the Deed Done?

What is our purpose other than just “being”? I am energy and I am functioning. Does that mean my purpose has been fulfilled? Was it filled before my birth even took place? If so, I should be free from the burden of finding meaning. I am here now, which means my job is done. Right? 🤔

A Rant About Living A Simple Life

Kindness keeps the world spinning. Compassion is necessary for the survival of our species. Compliments are free and simple. And it’s okay to give one to yourself from time to time.

Do you love someone? Make sure he/she knows it. Are you sorry about something? Swallow your pride and apologize.  Unhappy? Change it. Sad? Find a funny picture to make yourself laugh. Tired of running? Stop and breathe.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, life can be quite simple. We, as humans, are the reason life becomes so complex and twisted. We create disaster and drama.

The universe isn’t out to get us, the entire world isn’t set up to make us fail, and not everything is preplanned or predestined.  Bad stuff happens and things can turn extremely sour and unfortunate. But goodness does exist on this planet. It’s not going to fall into our laps – we have to make the goodness happen. We have to push through the arduous days a make better things come.

Be honest, give compliments, show compassion, hug everyone you encounter, smile at strangers, laugh if it’s funny, cry if it’s sad, leave if you’re unhappy, and move on if it’s destroying you from the inside out. Help others when they’re in need, be selfless, be selfish, make decisions on the fly.

Life doesn’t have to be gray and dull, life doesn’t have to be confusing. Go with it, see where it takes you, give everything up and embrace the life you’ve been handed. Choose new paths. Take new routes. Create original works of art and scenery. Write a book of madness and experience everything there is to possibly encounter in this life. Be a friend, be ridiculous, be weird and quirky, be wise and learn new information everyday. Be yourself and go where life leads you.

Not everything has to be so complicated. Keep it simple.


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One Purpose of Life is Connection

At some point in life, everyone stops to think – what’s the purpose of all of this? What is my purpose? Some people engross themselves with this idea of “purpose” and what it means, spending hours studying books of philosophy and journals of existential reasoning.

Whatever conclusions we all come to within our personal battles of finding purpose in life, what always remains when everything else is marked off the list is – connection. This includes connection with other people, friends, family, animals, nature, the earth, and ourselves.

Let’s explore the reasoning behind this claim…

In the end, connections are what we crave.

Put yourself in a scenario of entering another realm or dimension. In this case, imagine that you are the same person, but the world is entirely different. People live inside the earth in caves and eat clay, only coming outside for short times to gather supplies. Highly intelligent tigers that walk on two feet rule the planet. The world is covered in rainforests and the oceans are completely dry.

Now, if this alternate world existed and you were forced to move to this fictional dimension – what would you want to take with you? Money, cars, careers, exercise equipment, jewelry – every material item that you own is probably useless in this new realm.

What’s truly going to matter if the world is flipped upside down and twisted into a new kind of madness? For most people – they’d want to keep their friends and family – their connections. No matter what the new world is like, I personally know I’d be able to survive anything if I could have my friends, nieces and nephews around.

When it all comes down to the apocalyptic end – what you feel the most desire to keep by your side is what you should desire to focus on right now. If the bombs drop tomorrow, who would you call? Who would you run to in a panic to find out if he/she is okay? Or would you only worry about your things? Because if fire ever engulfs the earth, that fancy sports car and thousand-dollar watch won’t mean a thing. What will matter, is who you are spending your last moments with. Who do you want those people to be? Who will you say your final apologies to? Who do you want holding your hand on your death bed?

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When the world comes to an end, connections will be what you want. And connections will be what you regret not spending more time with.

Connection provides feelings of self-worth and belonging. Whether it’s connecting with a newborn baby, a new friend, or an old dog at the animal shelter – this enables us humans to feel warmth deep inside our hearts. These are moments when natural smiles flash on our faces and nothing else in the universe matters. These are the moments when you think to yourself, “This is where I’m meant to be.”

Think of your most joyful moments in life and I’m betting it will include – the day your child was born, a vacation with friends, the day you were married, or the day you crush said “yes” to a first date. On the contrary, think of your most painful moments in life – this likely includes rejection from romantic interests, quarrels with parents and other family members, or grieving the death of a friend. The highs and lows of life involve connection.

Even materialistic goals have desires for connection hidden underneath. Applying for new jobs, buying nice clothes, saving up for a new car – all of these goals come with a need for connection deep down. Perhaps we’re striving to impress and gain approval from others to make up for the lack of current connection in our lives. Maybe we are trying to win back an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Or it could be that we are just trying to fit in and follow the path of the rest of the world for fear of being alone.

Take a look at any materialistic goals you may have right now. What’s the true reason you want ________________ (whatever your mission may be). Is it deeper than what you might admit to yourself?

Do you agree that the purpose of life is connection? If so, cultivate those special connections already present in your life and set goals to make more. And never forget to connect with yourself as well.

Thank you for reading this rambling post on the purpose of life through my eyes.

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