5 Powerful Insights from Power Ranger Punks

“Power Ranger Punks” is episode 12 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one. Rita’s minion, Baboo, (who is somewhat a mixture between a vampire and a monkey?) decides to try out his plan to destroy the Rangers.

The Rangers play sand volleyball at a park while Baboo rides the 1800’s bike down to Earth. A prime example of our villains’ incompetence is the fact that they get to Earth from space by means of an 1800’s bicycle. I’m referring to the bikes with ginormous front wheels and tiny back wheels. It wasn’t even an effective means of transportation on dirt roads. Why are these evil doers using it for space travel?

None of my business. Do your thing, Rita.

Here are 5 major life lessons from “Power Ranger Punks,” episode 12:

1 – Compensate for a lack of fighting skills with brainpower.

Baboo is apparently not a great fighter, so he brings a new method to the table. Instead of sending a monster, he uses his intelligence (that might be a stretch) to take a shot at the rangers.

The lesson here is to use what you have. If you’re smart, use it. If you’re a good fighter, use it. What you have inside of you is plenty good enough. You just have to find ways to utilize your strengths.

2 – Don’t let others change who you are.

When Kimberly and Billy drink Baboo’s punk potion, they become punks. Not cool punks, either, but bullies and obnoxious pests.

They drank a potion that changed who they were, but unfortunately most people don’t need to drink a potion to alter their values. Keep an open mind, but don’t let anyone change who you are if it’s not what you truly want. Be firm and remember your personal values.

3 – Just because a strategy worked before, doesn’t mean it will work again.

Rita has Finster, her monster maker man, recreate the Terror Toad because they claimed to have had good results from using this creature on another planet, in a different fight. Yes, Terror Toad does end up consuming Trini (Yellow) and Zack (Black), then later Jason (Red) and Billy (Blue) as well. So this toad with an “enormous appetite” wasn’t totally useless at first.

Eventually the Toad does fail and ends up destroyed like the other monsters. It’s okay to use previous strategies, just don’t expect identical results. Be prepared to try something new.

4 – We are so much better at life without bad attitudes.

Kimberly and Billy are great kids, but when they develop their “punk” attitudes, they are horrible.

A poor attitude really changes a person and affects everyone around him/her. Overall, the person is less helpful, meaner, and makes foolish decisions. It brings everyone in the group down.

5 – Never leave your drink unattended.

It’s fairly uncommon for a monkey vampire to fly down from space on his bicycle and spike your drink, but even so, never leave a drink unattended. People suck and some are evil. Stay alert and protect yourself.

Thanks for reading this post. Use your strengths, don’t let others change you, be prepared to use new methods, have a good attitude and protect yourself. Most importantly, don’t be a punk.

Have a great day ^_^

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