5 Powerful Insights from Power Ranger Punks

“Power Ranger Punks” is episode 12 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one. Rita’s minion, Baboo, (who is somewhat a mixture between a vampire and a monkey?) decides to try out his plan to destroy the Rangers.

The Rangers play sand volleyball at a park while Baboo rides the 1800’s bike down to Earth. A prime example of our villains’ incompetence is the fact that they get to Earth from space by means of an 1800’s bicycle. I’m referring to the bikes with ginormous front wheels and tiny back wheels. It wasn’t even an effective means of transportation on dirt roads. Why are these evil doers using it for space travel?

None of my business. Do your thing, Rita.

Here are 5 major life lessons from “Power Ranger Punks,” episode 12:

1 – Compensate for a lack of fighting skills with brainpower.

Baboo is apparently not a great fighter, so he brings a new method to the table. Instead of sending a monster, he uses his intelligence (that might be a stretch) to take a shot at the rangers.

The lesson here is to use what you have. If you’re smart, use it. If you’re a good fighter, use it. What you have inside of you is plenty good enough. You just have to find ways to utilize your strengths.

2 – Don’t let others change who you are.

When Kimberly and Billy drink Baboo’s punk potion, they become punks. Not cool punks, either, but bullies and obnoxious pests.

They drank a potion that changed who they were, but unfortunately most people don’t need to drink a potion to alter their values. Keep an open mind, but don’t let anyone change who you are if it’s not what you truly want. Be firm and remember your personal values.

3 – Just because a strategy worked before, doesn’t mean it will work again.

Rita has Finster, her monster maker man, recreate the Terror Toad because they claimed to have had good results from using this creature on another planet, in a different fight. Yes, Terror Toad does end up consuming Trini (Yellow) and Zack (Black), then later Jason (Red) and Billy (Blue) as well. So this toad with an “enormous appetite” wasn’t totally useless at first.

Eventually the Toad does fail and ends up destroyed like the other monsters. It’s okay to use previous strategies, just don’t expect identical results. Be prepared to try something new.

4 – We are so much better at life without bad attitudes.

Kimberly and Billy are great kids, but when they develop their “punk” attitudes, they are horrible.

A poor attitude really changes a person and affects everyone around him/her. Overall, the person is less helpful, meaner, and makes foolish decisions. It brings everyone in the group down.

5 – Never leave your drink unattended.

It’s fairly uncommon for a monkey vampire to fly down from space on his bicycle and spike your drink, but even so, never leave a drink unattended. People suck and some are evil. Stay alert and protect yourself.

Thanks for reading this post. Use your strengths, don’t let others change you, be prepared to use new methods, have a good attitude and protect yourself. Most importantly, don’t be a punk.

Have a great day ^_^

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5 EPIPHANIES in ‘Happy Birthday, Zack’

Happy Birthday, Zack is episode 10 of season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Rangers pretend to forget Zack’s birthday (Zack is the black ranger/Mastodon) in order to keep him oblivious to the surprise party they’re planning.

Rita has her minions create a “Nasty Knight” to defeat the Rangers, etc. Nothing new, just a new bizarre looking creature and a different daily situation for our teenagers in the 90s.

Though it’s much of the same, here are 5 new life lessons from Happy Birthday, Zack, episode 10:

1 – Show your friends that you love them.

Plan a party, buy a random gift, or simply show some love to your friends. Let them know how important they are and how much they are appreciated.

2 – If you have a secret, make up a more insane secret (innocent and harmless to others) to deter others from discovering your secret.

If you’re a superhero fighting off aliens everyday and wanting to keep your identity unknown, just lie and start some rumors that the superhero everyone sees is actually from outer space. That will throw everyone off your trail.

3 – No one wants to fight on his/her birthday.

Zack makes a comment similar to this and I think it’s a great statement. We all need some time to relax and be celebrated for being alive. Don’t fight on birthdays. Celebrate on birthdays.

4 – Learn from the strengths of others.

Don’t be jealous or angry when someone is better at a certain skill. Use their strengths as motivation and learn from the other person’s skill level. We are all beginners at some point, and no one is the best at everything. So watch and learn.

5 – Bake or buy a cake instead of inventing a magic cake machine. Geez.

Billy’s magic cake machine is a disaster. Sometimes it’s best to take the simple path and just buy a cake. Lesson learned, Billy.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great day far from any Nasty Knights!

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No Clowning Around Will Teach You 3 Truths About Life

“No Clowning Around” is episode 11 of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Rangers hang out at a carnival and are having a great time until a creepy clown turns Trini’s (Yellow Ranger) little cousin into a cardboard cutout version of herself.

The creepy clown named “Pineapple” is actually, thus far, the most normal and legit monster yet. He fits into the modern negative clown stereotype that we have today. (I’m so sorry if you are a clown and are not a creep. I’m sure there are plenty of decent humans who dress up in obnoxious makeup and colorful clothes, but I can’t help but see all clowns as versions of Pennywise or John Wayne Gacy. Thanks a lot, horror books and serial killers.)

But JUST when you think we have a regular monster to fight, he sheds his human clown skin and becomes a giant pineapple…

We almost made it through one episode without insanity and then giant pineapple man shows up and screws up everything. But it wouldn’t be Power Rangers without an eccentric beast. And he turns people into cardboard cutouts, which is actually not too bad of a trick. I’d certainly like to turn a few people I know into boards.

Anyways, here are 3 life lessons from “No Clowning Around,” episode 11:

1 – Keep a close eye (and probably a hand) on children at carnivals (or any public place).

When it’s crowded, loud, and chaotic, it’s difficult to keep up with kids. And unfortunately there are too many evil people in the world. So keep a watchful eye on kids at carnivals, and watch your own back as well. Stay on your toes.

2 – Praise your teammates when they perform well.

Encouragement and praise are great motivations to continue to work hard. Constantly show teammates love and they’ll show you love in return. As a result, the team will be unstoppable.

3 – Prioritize your family/responsibilities.

Sometimes the universe throws multiple meteorites at us and we have to make decisions on what to tackle first. Remember what’s most important. Choose wisely and take care of the most crucial issue before trying to destroy the others.

Watch your kids at crowded places, praise your teammates, and prioritize responsibilities. Thanks for reading, have a great day! Don’t get kidnapped by any evil pineapple clowns.

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3 Love Connection Tips from ‘Peace, Love, and Woe’

“Peace, Love, and Woe,” is episode 13 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one. We meet the mysterious and extremely creepy looking Madam Woe who can control weather and zap beings into alternate dimensions.

For some reason, this sorcerer with awesome powers is loyal to evil space witch, Rita. So of course, Madam Woe agrees to ensnare the Rangers, leaving Earth undefended from Rita’s putties and clay monsters. All this is agreed upon as the Rangers prepare for a local dance at the juice bar.

Here are 3 Life Tips from “Peace, Love, and Woe,” episode 13 of season 1 that will help you make a connection with your crush:

1 – Be yourself when trying to attract a crush. Don’t try to be like anyone else who might have good “moves.”

Zack, the Black Ranger, is a great dancer (90’s dance moves). He offers to help teach Billy some moves to help Billy impress girls at the upcoming dance. Billy respectfully declines the offer.

Later on, Billy meets a girl who likes him because he’s…Billy. They have much in common and hit it off quickly. Billy didn’t need to be taught anyone else’s moves to find a date to the dance, he just had to be himself.

Be yourself and you’ll find the right person. Never make the mistake of thinking you have to be a certain way. Billy found a date that had been in the same “Accelerated Baby Genius Program” as a child, so you can definitely find a match with much in common with yourself. But you have to be yourself in the first place.

2 – When it comes to crushes, just go for it.

It’s always awkward and maybe even terrifying when confronting personal feelings for another. Approaching a crush is comparable to entering a war zone. Or better yet, it’s like ripping off a band-aid because the only way to do it as painlessly as possible is to just get it done.

Go for it. Rip off the band-aid. Take a chance. Life is too short to hold back and ponder what the other is feeling. Go for it and whatever happens, life will go on. The sun will continue to rise in the morning and love will still be complicated. So why wait?

Take a deep breath and take your shot.

3 – Step up to defend the ones you love (or have a crush on).

In this episode, Billy is quick to step up and volunteer to take Madam Woe one-on-one. He wants to keep his new friend safe and sound. He knows that Woe was after him in the first place, and he’s determined to make it right.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope if there’s anyone out there you dream of dating – just go for it. (Unless it’s creepy and/or illegal. Don’t do that. Seriously.)

Have a great day and take some chances!

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3 Motivating Lessons from I, Eye Guy

Eye Guy makes his appearance in episode 8 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1. Eye Guy is a guy, covered all over in eyes. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Rita is starting to understand that she and her minions aren’t very smart, so she concocts a plan to steal a young boy with high intelligence. Why is Rita’s latest solution to her problems to kidnap children? That’s not going to solve anything, Rita.

Anyways, there are three big life lessons in “I, Eye Guy”:

Photo by enfantnocta on Pexels.com

1 – Don’t let the putties get you down.

The Rangers walk their little friend to his science fair. Along the way they’re attacked by putties. Once they defeat the putties, they continue walking to the fair.

Don’t let distractions and haters keep you from achieving your goal. Brush them off, maybe kick them in the chest, and then go on about your day as if nothing happened. Don’t be upset, don’t dwell on it, just keep doing your thing.

Photo by Mong Mong on Pexels.com

2 – Go after a friend in need.

The little boy’s science project is disqualified because the judge thinks the boy is playing around and causing a scene at the fair. Though it wasn’t the boy’s fault, he can’t convince the judge and runs away from the fair upset. Concerned, Billy, Jason, and Zack go after the boy.

When a friend runs off and acts like he/she doesn’t want to talk, that might be when that friend needs you most. We all do irrational, crazy things when we’re emotional and hysterically upset. We need a friend to chase after us and give us a hug or a pat on the back to let us know that everything will be okay.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3 – Let your work speak for you.

The boy returns to the fair after his kidnapping by Eye Guy and rescue by the Power Rangers. He’s delighted to find the judge and another person laughing and enjoying his exciting invention.

The judge honors the boy with a first-place blue ribbon. The kid doesn’t have to speak, in fact, he thought he’d been kicked out of the fair. But because his invention is so well designed, he’s automatically pushed to the top of the ranks.

Let your hard work and valuable creations do all the talking for you. Too many people talk too much and produce nothing of value or interest. They’re all talk. Sometimes it’s more productive to keep your head down, your mouth closed, and work nonstop on your goal.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

That’s it for “I, Eye Guy.” Don’t let the putties get you down, go after friends in need, and let your work speak for you.

On an employer note, if you’re trying to kidnap a child because your minions aren’t smart enough, just fire them and hire new employees. Why go through the trouble of stealing a kid? Seriously, Rita.

Thanks for reading this post. Watch out for those internal vortexes.

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Advice from Big Sisters To Help You in a Crisis

Two powerful giant eggs in a magic box sit quietly in a cave near Angel Grove. Rita knows these eggs contain “universal power,” but learns that only an innocent child can open the box containing the eggs.

Rita’s solution = create a giant chicken and kidnap a child. Because, why not? She’s an evil witch.

The conflict arises when putties crash a peaceful picnic with Kimberly, Trini, and a child they’re helping. The girls fight but the putties end up teleporting away with the child.

There are four important life lessons in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 1:7:

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

1 – Stay calm in a crisis.

Kimberly starts to lose a little of her cool while the team of rangers searches for the missing child. Jason calmly reminds her to settle down and reassures her that they’ll succeed in locating and rescuing her little friend.

Kimberly is close to this child and probably feels somewhat responsible for the kid’s kidnapping, so she’s not keeping a level head. Thankfully, team leader Jason is there to talk her down and keep her mind on the mission at hand.

Stay calm in a crisis because panicking won’t help anyone but the enemy. You won’t accomplish anything if you don’t keep your cool and focus on the task.

Photo by theformfitness on Pexels.com

2 – Find alternatives if the normal path isn’t available.

The Rangers’ teleportation and communication devices are malfunctioning just when they need them. They need the guidance of Zordon but aren’t able to speak with or see him right away.

The Rangers don’t give up, they don’t get angry, they just find another way to get to Zordon. Billy saves the day with his new invention, the “Rad Bug.” It’s basically a slug bug that flies. So the Rangers end up flying in the “Rad Bug” to the Command Center.

Problem solved.

Regarding real life, if something isn’t working don’t give up or get angry. Be creative and find another way to accomplish your goal. The possibilities are endless if only you explore them.

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

3 – Sometimes the boss has to come get his/her hands dirty.

Once the Rangers launch the precious power eggs back into the lake, Rita rides her 18th century bicycle down from space and joins the fight. This is the first time Rita has directly entered a fight with the Rangers on Earth.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, right? The boss is the leader, the commanding officer, but that doesn’t mean he/she can’t come down and help out the employees if they’re struggling. It’s builds respect to see the boss come in and do some grunt work for a change.

Of course, Rita achieves nothing with her appearance. I’m not sure she gained any respect. She’s a terrible example.

Photo by Tinyography on Pexels.com

4 – Don’t kidnap children.


“Big Sisters” ends with the child claiming she’ll now be the most “popular” in her class because she was rescued by the Power Rangers. At least she has good priorities.

Always stay calm, find alternatives if your way isn’t working, the boss should get her hands dirty occasionally, and don’t kidnap children. Thanks, “Big Sisters.”

On an inventive note, I learned that a great way to create monsters to fight the Power Rangers is to abnormally enlarge everyday animals. Make that farm animal super big and boom – we have our next villain.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you aren’t disqualified from any science fairs today.

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3 Food Fight Insights

It’s episode six of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, and Rita sends down what might be the most bizarre looking creature yet. Try to imagine a giant pig head about the size of a living room recliner. Now stick two little legs on the bottom and you’ll have Finster’s latest creation. In his defense he does describe it as, “Not my best work.”

Can you guess what evil power the pig has? It eats. It eats all food in sight and Zordon predicts it will eat the entire food supply on earth in two days. That’s true terrorism. 😳

Here are three life lessons from “Food Fight”:

Photo by Chan Walrus on Pexels.com

1 – Help out your local community

The Rangers are spending their day working at a fundraising event to raise money for the daycare and children’s center.

Having a sense of community and helping our neighbors out is a dying concept these days. Having pride in where we live isn’t as fundamental as it once was. As a result, we are losing the bonds that once held communities together.

Make your town better, make it more functional and accommodating by lending a hand from time to time. In the long run, it will enhance the lives of everyone in the area. It will create a dynamic group of people who strive to help one another.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2 – Food is an effective way to make money.

One thing that everyone loves is food. Of course we all have our personal preferences and pickiness, but a good food product is likely to draw in more people than other types of fundraising items.

I’m no marketer or business entrepreneur, but I know that I buy way more food than anything else. So if you need some quick funds, sell some candy bars.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3 – Find a weakness in a seemingly unstoppable foe.

There’s a giant pig head running around eating everyone’s food. He even eats the Rangers’ power weapons. What’s their next move?


The Rangers take a look at the scene of destruction left by the pig and notice an invaluable piece of evidence. Because they take the time to assess the pig’s trail, they end up using the information to stop the madness. (They noticed the pig avoided spicy food, so they fed him secretly spicy food. Genius.)

If there’s anyone or anything out there that you can’t seem to beat – find a weakness. Observe and see where things don’t add up. Watch for inconsistencies. Take notes and make a plan to use that weakness to win.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Seriously, go Google this pig monster. Aside from the comical creature, “Food Fight” also gives us the advice to help out in our community, use food to raise money, and find weaknesses in opponents.

On a medical note, if you’re nauseous, go lay down. Don’t stalk teenagers and then get angry at all the food and send a pig to eat it all. Geez, Rita.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your food today and be grateful a giant pig head hasn’t stolen it.

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3 Key Lessons from Different Drum

Episode five of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gives us a glimpse at some great 90’s hip hop dance moves. We also see how Billy lacks all of these moves when he crashes into a wall. We even get a comical dance battle between Zack and Bulk.

Seeing all this dancing gives Rita the idea that she can use music to destroy the Power Rangers. Rita gives instructions to make a monster, “like a pied piper, only meaner.” Finster creates a viking monster playing an accordion to lure a few girls off to a cave where they’ll dance forever? I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Here are three life lessons from “Different Drum”:

Photo by Immortal shots on Pexels.com

1 – Be quick to help out.

When a girl goes to Jason for help to get her friends out of hypnotic dancing, he immediately hops up and heads out. He gets his team and they go to the cave right away.

They don’t make excuses or stall, they don’t say, “Maybe later.” They just go. Selflessly and urgently, they set out to save the prisoners.

Most often people are too caught up in their own lives to stop and lend a helping hand. We use the typical excuses like, “I don’t have time,” or, “I couldn’t do anything to help anyway.”

The world would be a better, safer place if we all acted like the Power Rangers and responded to a cry for help with, “Let’s go.”

To quote Jason exactly he says, “I feel a rescue coming on!”


2 – Music is powerful.

Music probably isn’t going to draw a group into a cave to dance under hypnosis, but it is a powerful factor. Music makes us feel. Rita noticed music in the first place because of the powerful impact it had on the kids she was creeping on.

We have songs filling up our playlists for times of sadness and times of joy. We play songs when we feel in love or when we feel hate. Music keeps us from feeling alone. We connect across lyrics to know others out there are going through similar struggles.

Music keeps us alive, both physically and mentally.

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

3 – We have much to learn from those different than ourselves.

The main girl, Melissa, in this episode is deaf and speaks in sign language. This is also why she wasn’t hypnotized by the hissing accordion music played by the viking creature.

At the end of the episode, Melissa teaches Jason some sign language and motivates Billy to try dancing again. Zack makes the comment that they can learn a lot from this girl.

Whether deaf, a foreign race, a unique religion, or anything you don’t experience in people often, know that those people have much to offer. On both sides we can teach each other about life by getting to know one another across all diversities.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

“Different Drum,” in all it’s oddities, gives us the advice to always help out those who ask for help, use music because it’s powerful, and learn from those different than us.

On a less serious note, it’s always a good idea to get some soda and ice cream after winning a battle. That’s the proper way to celebrate a victory.

Have a nice day, thanks for reading, and go check out some 90s hip hop videos. Moves.

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5 Insights from A Pressing Engagement

“A Pressing Engagement” is the fourth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1. In a nutshell, we have Jason attempting to break a weight lifting record at the juice bar and Rita working to rip Jason away from his teammates.

There’s also a sphinx monster with wings that flap and literally blow people away. He fights alongside Goldar, the giant gorilla guy with golden armor. It’s madness, but there’s always some meaning to be found in madness. I found five great life lessons in this episode:

Photo by Arralyn on Pexels.com

1 – Pay attention.

Seriously, don’t lose count and make a poor teenage kid restart his one thousand reps goal. That’s just cruel.

But in reality, pay attention to details when it counts. Don’t let the world distract you from what matters, don’t let your phone keep you from having a conversation, and don’t let your mind wander when someone is trying to get your attention.

2 – Crazy can’t be pleased.

Finster is Rita’s monster man. He creates little minions out of clay, puts them into a machine, and then they become life-sized and looking to destroy stuff.

The thing is, Rita is crazy. Rita can never be pleased. Finster could create the most intimidating destructive beast in the universe and Rita will still say, “More, Finster! Make me more monsters!”

So if there’s someone in your life who you can’t seem to please – maybe you aren’t the problem. Maybe that person has serious issues he/she needs to work out instead of taking things out on you.

Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

Don’t be hard on yourself. Crazy just will never be pleased.

3 – Change up your strategy from time to time.

The rangers are in the megazord fighting Goldar and the sphinx guy and their original zord form isn’t taking these bad guys out. The rangers then change up the style and try a different method of attack. They try several different forms before finally sending the monsters back to Rita.

Life brings in different challenges each day, just like Rita sends different monsters all the time. You’re going to have to occasionally change up your tactic and get creative to find new ways to beat these new challenges.

Look into the arsenal of your mind and figure out new strategies to tackle life with.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Pexels.com

4 – Try again. And if you still don’t make it…try again…again.

Jason falls short in breaking the bench press record – twice. Two times he hits one thousand painful reps only to fail at the very end. I don’t know about you, but I would be angry and probably take a break from weight lifting for awhile (not that I lift weights anyway).

Because Jason is the almighty original Red Power Ranger, of course he tries again. And the third time, he breaks the record.

Sometimes in life we have to fail a thousand times before we can succeed and meet our goal. And that’s one hundred percent okay. That’s normal. The only true failure is giving up.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

So is there anything you’ve failed at lately? Is there anything you’ve given up because you never met a certain goal? Try again. Restart if you have to, but don’t give up.

5 – Encouragement is powerful.

Jason finally breaks the record with his teammates/friends by his side. They cheer him on and push him to keep going. (They also don’t lose count.)

Let’s work to keep our company full of those who only encourage us to be better instead of bring us down. On the other hand, let’s always strive to encourage others to be their best as well.

Sometimes we have to fight alone, but when encouraging words are given, it motivates us more than anything. So keep good company and be good company.

Alright, that’s my five life lessons from ‘A Pressing Engagement.’ Pay attention when it matters, know that crazy can’t be pleased, change up the strategy, try again and again, and fill your life with encouragement.

Zack, the Black Power Ranger, also has a very wise quote in this episode:

“Why don’t you just have a piece of cake and chill?”

Thanks for reading. Go have some cake and chill.

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3 Reminders from Teamwork

The third episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brings power weapons and a bull monster to the world of children’s television.

Honestly, what more could you want in a 90s show for kids? Here are three life lessons from the episode “Teamwork.” (Ironically, practicing teamwork isn’t one of the lessons I got from this.):

1 – Advocate for a cleaner earth (or anything you feel strongly about).

The episode begins with Kimberly and Trini working on a petition to close a factory that’s polluting the environment. They work on getting signatures from their friends and classmates and later head to the factory to voice their opinion.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you feel strongly about an issue and want conditions to improve, it’s likely going to take some ground work. Making a difference will require putting yourself out there and informing people, just like the girls do in this episode.

2 – Bullies are…trash.

There’s going to be a lot of bully bashing as I rewatch Power Rangers, thanks to the infamous Bulk, Skull, and Putties.

In this episode, Bulk and Skull end up in trash cans and later on, putties do as well. This is perfect symbolism to represent what bullies are – trash. I know that many who resort to bullying have psyche issues, but it doesn’t excuse the way they treat others.

Don’t be a putty. Don’t be a Bulk or Skull. You’ll end up in a trash can.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

3 – If it’s not working out, take a break. Take a breather and regroup.

The bull monster man was kicking some Power Ranger butt, so Zordon sucked the rangers back to headquarters. He gave them a pep talk and some new power weapons, and then sent them out to try again.

Humans have a bad habit of pushing and pushing until we are completely drained. If you know something is not going well, don’t push it. Don’t pursue and continue forward. Instead, stop. Just hold on, observe the situation, and assess what’s going wrong.

Photo by Martin Péchy on Pexels.com

Call a timeout, make a new game plan, and go from there.

“Teamwork” gave us the advice to advocate for causes we are passionate about, don’t be a bully – they’re trash, and to take a breather if life isn’t working out.

On a less serious note, I also learned not to teach a robot how to dance. They’re not built for it and they will end up destroying the control panel.

I can’t dance anyway.

Thanks for reading. Watch out for those bull monster men.

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