Day 99 – Obsession is Never Sane

Motionless, except the wind

Blowing cooling cartilage 

Sand against the dying skin

An act so truly heartless 

No impulse control took reign 

Left alone to a damaged brain 

Bound to be one of these days

Obsession is never sane

Dear Hero…You’re a Villain

There’s absolutely no one in the world with as much power over me as you. I’m not an easily influenced person, so what makes you so special? Why does my heart yearn for your acceptance and crave your undying attention?

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Hero, it’s maddening. Psychological exploration can’t explain the obsession anymore. I’m not the little kid I used to be, so why do I still see you, Hero, wherever I go? Why do you haunt my dreams and pierce my skin with tattoos of your memory? My curse is that I’ll never forget you.

Hero, you’re definitely no hero. All those years I was blinded and was forced to learn the truth the hard way. Yet you still have a secure spot in my heart, no matter how much I try to destroy that dark room.

You looked like a hero, Hero. You had the cape and the power, but unfortunately you also had the mask to hide your true identity. I saw that mask and fell in love with the idea of its ability to save me. For once in my life, I had found the answer to my endless longing.

As with all heroes, eventually the mask came off. It fell to the floor and shattered along with my broken heart and spirit.

Hero, you are the villain of my darkest memories and nightmares. Whenever I think I’m free, you creep back into my thoughts and turn me into a weaker, former self.

I will find a way to release the hold you have on me, Hero. You don’t own me. Not anymore. In time, I will forget you…and I will be free.


Someone Who Can Now Stand on Her Own

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