4 Motivations from Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

For episode 4 of Doctor Who Season 12, we venture to the past and meet Nikola Tesla. Tesla, at the time of this visit, is a struggling inventor. People who live near him ostracize his experiments and protest for him to stop his work. But he has bigger problems – an alien race haunts the earth and attempts to kidnap Tesla.

The Doctor and her crew come in and work with the historical engineer in order to stop the aliens from stealing equipment…and people.

In “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” I found four life lessons:

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1 – Nature is a true wonder housing numerous mysteries.

The episode begins with Tesla standing on the edge of a waterfall discussing his latest invention. He talks about nature and discovery and I see this as a wonder of the world that we often forget.

We know a lot about nature. But for every fact we know, there’s probably a thousand more we haven’t yet unearthed. Nature isn’t to be taken for granted or seen as primal. It’s a wondrous world of mystery that science will probably never be able to fully explain.

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2 – Stay true to yourself and what inspires you to get out of bed every morning.

Tesla experimented because he loved it. He was curious and sought out to build the things he envisioned in his mind. He didn’t want money or fame, he just wanted to invent technology that could change the world.

So when an angry mob of protesters sits outside his front door urging him to stop his work, Tesla ignores them. He sticks to his guns and continues his inventions without support of his peers or of any investors.

The character says to the aliens who do appreciate his work, “If I achieve anything it will be in the name of progress. And you are not my idea of progress.” Tesla keeps his dignity and pride in spite of potential fame and gratitude put forth by the alien race.

At the end of the episode, Tesla says regarding his peers, “Let them talk. The present is theirs. I work for the future and the future is mine.”


Let others think and say what they will, you just do whatever brings joy to your soul.

3 – Prove them wrong.

Tesla’s name is all over the field of technology, even in 2020. I hope somewhere in the spirit world he’s looking down smiling, thinking, “I told them I’d change the world.”

Let Tesla be an inspiration to anyone looking to make a difference and chase dreams with passion. Few people had faith in him and supported his work, but he persisted and make breakthrough discoveries in electricity.

Don’t let others bring you down. Think about the day you’ll prove all the naysayers wrong.

4 – Use your strength and skills for creation and goodness.

The Doctor has an intriguing quote, spoken to the invading alien race:

“All this killing and looting, did it never occur to you to try thinking or building something instead?” The Doctor


It’s sad that hundreds of intelligent humans use their brainpower to steal and manipulate others when they could be doing so much good to advance the human race. Many of them destroy their lives when they could have been creating better living conditions for themselves and those around them.

We all have our talents. Let’s help each other out, lend a hand, use our strengths, and make this world more efficient.

The actor who played Nikola Tesla did a marvelous job and the writers of this episode threw in unforgettable memorable quotes. To recap, the four life lessons from “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” are: Explore nature, stay true to yourself, prove others wrong, and use your skills for good.

On a historical note, I’m now going to go research if Thomas Edison was truly the jerk as portrayed in the episode. He comes around in the end (sort of), but for the most part he’s a gluttonous thief of ideas.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you have a great day free of alien invasions.

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