Day 109 – A Universe Away

Everything sounds muddy

Like I’m underwater

People talk right to me

And I slightly hear them

But it’s almost like

I’m on a different plane

I exist apart from them

Apart from their present moment 

I am a world apart

I am a world alone 

I’m so very close to the rest

Yet still a universe away

Day 17 – Random Thoughts of Instability

The shards of broken stumps that were once covered by the floodwaters have now been revealed in the summer drought. 

Hiding bottles from the drunk man and blaming the devil for his addiction when it’s his own fault. He let the devil in and he must run the devil out himself.

The reason you can’t anymore is because you didn’t when you could have. 

The less I have to do, the less I will do if what I need to do. 

Secrets of the damned flooded by the sand. The harshest winter lands leave the souls to enchant. 

Across the hall, there’s a snake. He’s locked tightly in a cage. So close, yet so far away. 

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