Letter From the Plane

And so the day begins – on a plane with a giraffe. Yeah, it’s a tall plane. Things are a little lax nowadays. It’s not as intense as it used to be so they even let the pet giraffe come. Dragon is happy about it. Ironically he hates heights, though. He just likes to be with me. Giraffes are a guy’s best friend. He’ll be happier when we land.

Jungles are in view. I guess we’re getting close. Are we ready for this? It’s not wartime, it’s peacetime. Honestly, peacetime is harder. Peacetime is variable. War is war, always has been and always will be.

So why are we here? Because we bloody WANT to be here. There’s nothing else anyway, so why not? We fought and lived and now we ‘actualize.’

A forest of spirits awaits our descent. I’ve never met a giraffe spirit, come to think of it. Dragon will have to explain all that to me. What do giraffes worship? Nothing, because they just want to live day by day. Ignorant beasts or intelligent life forms?

This lemon water tastes amazing. There won’t be any cold beverages in the forest. Only spirits.

Alright, we’ve been told to strap up for the descent.

Until we meet again in the next life – take care.



P.S.: I’ll definitely be a giraffe in the next life. Maybe I’ll be Dragon’s descendant.

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