12 Factors that Do Not Define Your Worth

There’s a lot of misleading information out there today that leads us to feel that our lives are meaningless. It’s difficult to know how truly valuable you are when negative messages surround us. Regardless of what the media, social media, celebrities, magazines, or any other form of advertising say, here are 12 things that absolutely do NOT define your worth as a person:

1 – Your income.

Everyone is always out for more money and a higher paying job. Even centuries ago, throughout different methods of currency, humans have made the mistake of associating wealth with self worth. That’s basically reducing people to the minuscule value of a tiny rock of copper. Let’s understand that we are so much more than a dollar bill. Income might be a factor when you pay bills, but it does not, in any way, make you more or less of a valuable person.

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2 – Your weight.

Weight loss is discussed everyday, on every channel, in every advertisement. It’s so much of an obsession that we as a country are daily doing the exact opposite of losing weight. It’s because “weight” and “self-worth” have become nearly interchangeable. Let’s be more than a number on a scale. Yes, go for some walks and work on health, but know how amazing you are while you are doing it. You have value, no matter the number of pounds or kilograms.

3 – Your social status.

We are often sent the message that without dozens of friends surrounding us day and night, we aren’t worth people. The truth is, some people like having a lot of friends constantly hanging around – and some do not. Some are fine with one close friend while others need more contact. Some people live in areas where making friends is difficult and others have little desire to meet anyone new. Whatever your style is, it’s perfectly fine. Be you, because that makes you valuable – not striving to meet an expectation sold by TV commercials.

4 – The number of followers you have on social media.

This might be an issue for younger generations, but the number of followers one has, has become synonymous with “worth.” “I’ll be a worthy human when I hit 10K followers.” Again, let’s understand that we are more than a number.

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5 – The number of likes you get on each picture you post.

I’ve felt before that a picture I posted of myself was ugly or annoying just because it didn’t get very many “likes” on social media. I then started to question the way I look, what my caption was, etc. I worried about it for days. I know we all do this. It’s not okay. “Likes” shouldn’t be used as validation of self worth. Do not be harsh on yourself or think less of who you are because you fail to receive a hundred “likes” on social media.

6 – The clothes you wear.

Be comfortable, wear what you like, or follow fashion if it interests you – but never let your worth come from something material. Fashion can be a hobby and. for most, clothes shopping is enjoyable. But the clothes you wear do not define the worth you were born with.

7 – Your mental health.

We live in a world that cultivates mental issues. The majority of the population suffers from depression, anxiety, or other debilitating problems. We are set up to have these issues while being told at the same time that it’s shameful to have these disparities. Take care of yourself and pay attention to your mental state, but never let it define you or shame you. We all have issues, we are NOT our issues. You have value, regardless of if you suffer from some sort of mental illness. You are human, you have value, and you have worth.

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8 – Your physical health.

Another issue with our society is that it tells us we must be pictures of perfect health, while leading us to constantly partake in unhealthy activities – overworking, rushing, stressing, never resting, etc. Most physical ailments aren’t our fault, anyway. Work on health, yes, but do not define your value by it. Having diabetes, a stomach virus, or high blood pressure doesn’t make you any less of a worth person.

9 – Your mistakes.

Your mistakes do not define you. We all screw up, constantly. Everyday is likely to have a few mistakes in it. That’s life, that’s being human. Learn from mistakes, and never let them bring you down. Mistakes are proof that you aren’t sheltered up in a bedroom all day. Step out, try new things, mess up a lot, and live your life. You are NOT your mistakes. You are more than that.

10 – Your career.

This goes along with income and social status, but many people define themselves by their career alone and forget that there is a world outside of work. If you love what you do for a living, that’s great. Just don’t define who you are by something that could be taken away one day. Find a job you love, but remember that you have value outside of work.

11 – The things you own.

Similar to income, we place a lot of self-worth in what car we drive, how clean our home is, and what iPhone we’re going to buy. Things are only things and they won’t last forever, no matter how much money we spend on them. Self worth and value do last forever, so don’t put your value on material items.

12 – What others think about you.

There’s a reason it’s called SELF-worth and SELF-value, SELF-esteem, etc. Others will think what they will, and we have no control over it. Don’t place your value in someone else’s hands. You are worthy. There will always be negative people in the worth. Know that your value is way more than the thoughts of others.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you have a great day. Remember that you will eternally have value and worth.

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5 Powerful Insights from Power Ranger Punks

“Power Ranger Punks” is episode 12 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one. Rita’s minion, Baboo, (who is somewhat a mixture between a vampire and a monkey?) decides to try out his plan to destroy the Rangers.

The Rangers play sand volleyball at a park while Baboo rides the 1800’s bike down to Earth. A prime example of our villains’ incompetence is the fact that they get to Earth from space by means of an 1800’s bicycle. I’m referring to the bikes with ginormous front wheels and tiny back wheels. It wasn’t even an effective means of transportation on dirt roads. Why are these evil doers using it for space travel?

None of my business. Do your thing, Rita.

Here are 5 major life lessons from “Power Ranger Punks,” episode 12:

1 – Compensate for a lack of fighting skills with brainpower.

Baboo is apparently not a great fighter, so he brings a new method to the table. Instead of sending a monster, he uses his intelligence (that might be a stretch) to take a shot at the rangers.

The lesson here is to use what you have. If you’re smart, use it. If you’re a good fighter, use it. What you have inside of you is plenty good enough. You just have to find ways to utilize your strengths.

2 – Don’t let others change who you are.

When Kimberly and Billy drink Baboo’s punk potion, they become punks. Not cool punks, either, but bullies and obnoxious pests.

They drank a potion that changed who they were, but unfortunately most people don’t need to drink a potion to alter their values. Keep an open mind, but don’t let anyone change who you are if it’s not what you truly want. Be firm and remember your personal values.

3 – Just because a strategy worked before, doesn’t mean it will work again.

Rita has Finster, her monster maker man, recreate the Terror Toad because they claimed to have had good results from using this creature on another planet, in a different fight. Yes, Terror Toad does end up consuming Trini (Yellow) and Zack (Black), then later Jason (Red) and Billy (Blue) as well. So this toad with an “enormous appetite” wasn’t totally useless at first.

Eventually the Toad does fail and ends up destroyed like the other monsters. It’s okay to use previous strategies, just don’t expect identical results. Be prepared to try something new.

4 – We are so much better at life without bad attitudes.

Kimberly and Billy are great kids, but when they develop their “punk” attitudes, they are horrible.

A poor attitude really changes a person and affects everyone around him/her. Overall, the person is less helpful, meaner, and makes foolish decisions. It brings everyone in the group down.

5 – Never leave your drink unattended.

It’s fairly uncommon for a monkey vampire to fly down from space on his bicycle and spike your drink, but even so, never leave a drink unattended. People suck and some are evil. Stay alert and protect yourself.

Thanks for reading this post. Use your strengths, don’t let others change you, be prepared to use new methods, have a good attitude and protect yourself. Most importantly, don’t be a punk.

Have a great day ^_^

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Cows are large, simple creatures that don’t do much other than grazing and standing around. I’ve been around cattle my entire life and never thought much about these animals. But when stopping to think about it, there’s actually a couple of things that people could learn from simple, grazing cattle:

1 – When cattle are hungry they come in masses (just like people).

Cows are hungry for grass mostly, or cattle feed, but people are hungry for life. Something about being unhappy leads unhappy people to crave others’ life force. People love to suck the life out of and feed off of the goodness of others.

So if you experience some success, be prepared to face the herds. Because most aren’t persistent enough to find their own happiness; they sulk and suck from others. Most aren’t brave enough to seek out their own life.

Make your own life, make your own happiness, and don’t let anyone take it from you.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2 – It’s natural to follow the herd.

When one cow gets spooked and takes off running, usually the rest of the herd will take off running in the same direction. The other cows have no clue why they’re running, they just do what everyone else in the herd is doing.

As people we might not actually take off running when others run, but it is typically natural for us to follow what everyone else is doing. We’re more individualistic in modern times, but at our core we are social creatures. We like to belong. So it’s only human to desire to be like others.

However, we do have the power to branch out. And thankfully the world is so diverse and connected over long distances nowadays that being different locally, might not mean being totally outcasted. We’re all unique and don’t have to follow the herd if we don’t want to. It’s okay to feel the pull and desire to follow, and it’s okay to rationally think about if you actually want to go in the same direction or not.

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading this post. We can learn from even the simplest of creatures if only we have the courage to observe. (Don’t get me wrong, cows aren’t the brightest but I love cows. I don’t eat meat, either.)

The hungry will try to eat your happiness and you don’t have to follow the herd.

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5 EPIPHANIES in ‘Happy Birthday, Zack’

Happy Birthday, Zack is episode 10 of season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Rangers pretend to forget Zack’s birthday (Zack is the black ranger/Mastodon) in order to keep him oblivious to the surprise party they’re planning.

Rita has her minions create a “Nasty Knight” to defeat the Rangers, etc. Nothing new, just a new bizarre looking creature and a different daily situation for our teenagers in the 90s.

Though it’s much of the same, here are 5 new life lessons from Happy Birthday, Zack, episode 10:

1 – Show your friends that you love them.

Plan a party, buy a random gift, or simply show some love to your friends. Let them know how important they are and how much they are appreciated.

2 – If you have a secret, make up a more insane secret (innocent and harmless to others) to deter others from discovering your secret.

If you’re a superhero fighting off aliens everyday and wanting to keep your identity unknown, just lie and start some rumors that the superhero everyone sees is actually from outer space. That will throw everyone off your trail.

3 – No one wants to fight on his/her birthday.

Zack makes a comment similar to this and I think it’s a great statement. We all need some time to relax and be celebrated for being alive. Don’t fight on birthdays. Celebrate on birthdays.

4 – Learn from the strengths of others.

Don’t be jealous or angry when someone is better at a certain skill. Use their strengths as motivation and learn from the other person’s skill level. We are all beginners at some point, and no one is the best at everything. So watch and learn.

5 – Bake or buy a cake instead of inventing a magic cake machine. Geez.

Billy’s magic cake machine is a disaster. Sometimes it’s best to take the simple path and just buy a cake. Lesson learned, Billy.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great day far from any Nasty Knights!

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