Growing up is Knowing Perfections is Myth

I’m older now, older than you were when we knew each other back then. It’s odd to think about it. So much has changed in both of our lives – for better, for worse, for necessity, or for no reason at all. We’ve lost, we’ve grown, we’ve become new people.

Well, I guess this is growing up.” (Dammit by Blink 182)

Realizing that you’re only human, like me, that you really didn’t have all the answers back then and still don’t now, that your life is a huge mess like mine – that’s part of becoming an adult. You were always a screw up, too, it just took me years of war and growth to understand. 

Those idols we had as teenagers and damaged kids turned out to be more screwed up in the head than we were. Isn’t that insane? It’s the truth, though. It’s life.  What used to look like a golden statue of perfection is revealed to be a gilded scarecrow of insecurity. Aren’t we all just gilded piles of mistakes wrapped in scarred up skin? Understanding that truth is what it means to “grow up.” 

Is it sad that no one is perfect? No, it’s not sad. It’s actually a relief. Because if no one in the world is perfect, then we can STOP trying to live up to ridiculous expectations. We can stop being so upset with ourselves for being “less than,” and allow our hearts to heal and be who we want versus who we think we should be.  At one time I felt disdain for you when your imperfections were brought to light. I was young. Just a kid. I didn’t know that you were a human, too, free to be a little messed up inside. Forgive me. I release all my former anger towards you. 


Dear Stray Dog…Follow Me

You’re free to follow me home. I won’t scream, kick, or chase you away. In fact, I’ll feed you and love you forever.

But you must know, stray dog, if you follow me home, I’m a stray too. Following me will bring you to an island of lost wanderers. We are misfits thrown from the norm, castaways from the ships of society. There is nowhere we truly belong except in the midst of others who have failed to find homes as well.

Stray dog, you didn’t deserve abandonment. Whoever threw you aside is the lowest of all human souls. You are far more than something to be taken for granted. You are to be loved, hugged, and cherished. You are the most wonderful creature and I do hope you choose to follow me.

Our trek is far, stray dog, for I often wander lightyears from my pack. They allow me to wander. I require it. They are allowed to wander as well. They are at peace. I am at peace. We are lost and we are proud. Would you like to be one of us? With us, you will always be home.

Don’t be afraid. You do not fear me, not entirely. Otherwise you wouldn’t still be listening. Trust your canine instincts. They are pure. You are pure. You deserve better than what you’ve been given by a lowlife human. I will show you that not all humans are scum. I will show you love and care. You will never go hungry. You will never be neglected.

Do you trust me, now, stray dog? Do you sense my good-natured spirit and soul craving your love in return? My pack is one within itself. Together we are lost and we roam the roads with patience and reverence. We experience joy, pain, anger, and love together. We are a team. You would fit in great with our pack.

You are still here, new friend, listening to my sincere words. Let’s go home now, stray dog. Follow me and I’ll give you a name.

Welcome to the pack.


The Misfit Wolf Pack

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