12 Life Mistakes We All Make

Life isn’t easy and we all fall short in various ways in being who we’ve always wanted to be. Our lives will never be picture perfect scenes of joy, happiness, and a lack of issues. That’s just not the way the universe works for anyone in reality. Even though perfection should never be the goal, there are several simple mistakes that we make everyday that we can all change in order to live a better life:

1 – We assume we are all alone in our battles/struggles.

One of the most damaging thoughts to our personal wellness is the false belief that we are alone, that we are the only person on the planet with that particular issue. When we open up and share what’s going on, we find that others, maybe even those close by, are struggling, too.

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2 – We forget to enjoy the simple things in life.

It’s so simple, yet so difficult at times. Slow down, smell the flowers, notice the tiny details of life that often are overlooked and ignored. Be conscious about those beautiful moments like laughing with a friend, watching a child have fun, a bird bathing in a puddle, or a pet cuddling up next to your side.

3 – We neglect to be grateful.

Life isn’t perfect and at times it can be frustrating. However, most of us have decent lives that are far better and more free than the masses in other areas of the world. Always be grateful.

4 – We place money high on the list of importance.

Money helps, and yes, it’s necessary for this modern society. But it should never become the goal of life itself. Worrying too much about money will take precious time from other, more important aspects of life.

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5 – We get stuck in our daily routines.

Pretty soon with work, school, etc., we become robots living on auto-pilot. This makes life go by ten times faster, so it’s crucial to change things up from time to time. Try new hobbies, go to new places, and make new friends.

6 – We don’t treat ourselves kindly.

The harshest critics tend to be our own selves. You are important and deserve kindness, just like everyone else.

7 – We don’t make time for fun.

Fun isn’t just for children. Everyone needs a burst of fun everyday. It doesn’t have to be a huge event to satisfy your soul. Set aside 10 minutes for “fun” whether it’s watching a funny movie or playing a game.

8 – We can’t “see the forest for the trees.”

This is a common quote, but it’s the truth. We forget the purpose of life, the big picture, as we get caught up in the stress of everyday life. Don’t forget what matters most.

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9 – We fail to listen.

We fail to listen to others, our friends, the planet, and ourselves. Pay attention to what’s going on, ask questions, and observe.

10 – We don’t smile enough.

Jobs and school are mostly mundane affairs in which we feel we must complete each day, but it never hurts to sneak a smile into the boring days. Smile at anything that catches your eye. Smile for no reason at all.

11 – We care too much what others think.

No one in the universe is loved by all and free of judgement. We can’t control any thoughts going through a coworker or acquaintance’s mind. So simply, be yourself.

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12 – We fear.

We are afraid of everything – the unknown, the lack of plans, changes, not enough changes, etc. Life will happen in its own way whether we worry about it or not. Fear only holds us back.

Thanks for reading this post. Do you find yourself making any of these 12 mistakes in life? Have a great day 🙂 Be yourself, smile, and don’t fear a thing.


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12 Major Destroyers of Happiness

Happiness is often hard. But why is such a simple concept so difficult to achieve for most of us? Why do we spend most of our time so incredibly unhappy? For most people, the reasons causing unhappiness vary. However, here are 12 major destroyers of happiness that we’re all guilty of utilizing everyday. Sometimes we do these things unknowingly, but the first step towards happiness is contradicting the items on this list and making conscious efforts to stop these bad habits:

1 – Having unrealistic expectations for how things “should” be.

You’ll never be able to enjoy the now if you’re too focused on how things should be. Who sets those expectations anyway? Mostly we get ideas about how life should be from celebrities, T.V. shows, movies, media, etc. Your life isn’t a movie, but it’s still a life worth being happy about. It’s okay to have goals and strive for more, but don’t let achieving the goals get in the way of general joy.

2 – Comparing yourself to others.

Comparing ourselves to others – whether it’s looking at careers, weight/appearance, material items, houses, the way our kids behave – literally anything – comparing is no good at all. No good will come from it. Strive to be better than your yesterday self. Don’t worry about what others are up to in their lives.

3 – Seeing others on social media and thinking their lives are perfect.

We tend to only see the tip of the iceberg when looking at someone’s social media page. Most people only post their best moments. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these people never have bad moments. We all have good days and bad days, even the professional posters on social media.

4 – Listening and trusting every word the media says.

The media tends to be negative no matter what the subject matter is. Take everything with a hint of skepticism if you are interested in watching the news and daily updates from the media.

5 – Rushing through life.

Take time to stop and “smell the flowers.” When something makes you smile, stop and allow yourself to be happy for a moment instead of immediately moving on.

6 – Negative self-talk.

The worst bully we have is typically the voice inside our own heads. Don’t bully yourself and say mean things all day because you’ll never be able to enjoy anything in life.

7 – Negative friends.

Some people are walking lessons of how not to be. Learn from negative friends, but distance yourself. It’s hard to stay positive if you are around negativity all day.

8 – Regretting.

Let it go. Make peace with your demons. Nothing kills the mood like bad memories and harsh regrets. The past is over. Don’t let it ruin your now.

9 – Judging others.

Judging others is the action of those who are insecure with themselves. For some reason, it briefly makes us feel better when we criticize others. But in the long run, it only serves to fuel our own self-judgement. Stop judging others and you will learn to stop judging yourself.

10 – Failing to take good care of yourself.

Self care isn’t selfish – it’s vital. Take good care of your mind and body and you’ll open up the opportunity to be happy.

11 – Not making time for fun.

Fun is also vital. Break out of the work-eat-sleep cycle a couple times each week and have some genuine fun.

12 – Thinking we are alone in our struggles.

Everyone we meet is going through something difficult. The second we all realize this is the second we quit having pity parties and start connecting with others. Feeling alone is beyond damaging. A major way to work through issues is to see others living life and conquering their demons, too.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you can let go of whatever might be destroying your happiness. Seek out professional help, too. Life is too short to be unhappy.

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6 Reasons ‘Hated’ and ‘Popular Monster’ Save me From Drowning

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a innately gloomy person. I’m sure it’s the result of chemical misfires up in my complex brain. However, thanks to some of the greatest people I’ve ever met, I’ve learned to be more generally positive and hopeful about life. I look for the light instead of staring at the blackness of the world all day long. I’m eternally grateful for the lessons I’ve been taught that help me stay afloat.

There are times, though, especially late at night when I’m worn out – when my defenses fail and the negativity surrounding me starts to infiltrate my thoughts. The worst part of this is that the negative vibes usually come from those close by. One would hope that those closest would lift us up instead of drowning us. Unfortunately, this is the way most people are, though – negative, sulking in sadness, and focusing on all the bad stuff in life. I’m occasionally guilty of this, too. We all are.

My issues are my own. My problems are my fault and my actions and thoughts are mostly under MY control. So I’m not blaming anyone for any issues I have in my life. I’m old enough to take responsibility for my own mind. In those moments of weariness when my defenses are low and the sea of negativity seeps into my mighty sailboat, I turn to music.

Two songs have saved me from drowning countless times when dark clouds made their way into my horizon: Hated by Beartooth and Popular Monster by Falling in Reverse. Here’s what these songs taught me and how they save me on the darkest nights:

1 – The insecure and unhappy search for any way to bring happier people down to their level of gloom.

The age old saying – “misery loves company” – is true. Those who are unhappy love to seek out others to pull down into the abyss. It’s like zombies – zombies exist to eat and create more zombies. Don’t let the zombies of negativity turn you into a zombie as well. Be strong and know that harsh words and hateful comments mostly come from places of insecurity.

2 – Most look at the black and ignore the light. Be unique.

In this society we’re trained to see all the bad and all the stuff we don’t have. Be unique and look at the good. Ignore all the ads that just want your money and focus on the awesome people and things you already have in life.

3 – Most forget that others have issues as well. We get caught up in our own problems and assume we’re the only ones going through difficulties.

Everyone on this planet is facing hardships of some kind. We all have wars swarming inside of us. No one is perfect. Instead of feeling alone, let’s connect through our difficulties. That’s why I love these two songs. They help me feel connected with the singers and others who love the songs as well. By listening to these songs, I know I’m not alone.

4 – I’ve worked my butt off to be a better person, so screw those who haven’t put in that work yet and try to bring me down.

It’s beyond annoying when dozens of hours have been put into positive affirmations, therapy, and other self-improvement tactics, and yet those around us continue to shoot cannonballs at our newly build defenses.

Why do people suck so much? Yes, others are insecure and unhappy. Yes, everyone has issues. But sometimes it helps to just scream out a huge, “SCREW YOU,” to anyone who tries to bring us down. We’ve worked our butts off to be better humans and we do not deserve the hate.

So screw those who want to bring me down. I’m doing my thing and growing as a human being.

5 – The insecure are comforted by beating others down. Know that those doing the beating will forever be miserable.

This goes along with #4. Those who beat others down will NEVER be happy as long as they keep spreading negativity. Say, “SCREW YOU,” and know that those bringing us down are doomed to be miserable until they cut out the pessimistic/judgmental vibes.

Keep doing you. Keep working on yourself and don’t worry about what others think because they aren’t happy anyway.

6 – Get some rest.

Even if these songs taught me nothing else, I’d still learn that lying in bed listening to music is one of the best coping mechanisms of life. We all need rest and to recuperate our positive defense systems. Our brains aren’t stone, they’re only human. And hell, even stones weather away after awhile.

Everything and everyone needs an occasional break.

Thank you for reading this post and thank you so much to Falling in Reverse and Beartooth for their amazing songs – “Popular Monster,” and “Hated,” respectively.

Be strong, get some rest, and don’t let others bring you down. Thanks for being alive and have a great day. Stay positive in this ocean of negative people. 🙂

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