It Very Much Still Breaks My Heart

Back when she was young and hopeful, she let it inside and it ate her alive. With a willing host it can start its own life. Then the parasite punctures the host and watches it die. Slowly.

The virus overtakes the body and becomes the new person. It’s a rebirth combined with death and others will never know of the revelation. One day, it’s sand. The next, it’s snow. Warmth is replaced with flesh killing cold.

Many said yesterday was cursed. Numbers and celestial objects determine our value and worth. Cross your fingers and watch your step, just around the corner awaits a potential threat.

Hot or chilly, no one truly knows when the world will burn and follow the path of the dying star. The cat chases a moth in the night. He’s as black as moonless midnight. The prisoner in the basement dreams of grass and sunlight, but he’s too far gone. He can never leave the horrible hell he slid himself into. Crickets chirp outside the windows. They are invisible. Do they even exist? Or is the noise only in our haunted heads?

None of us has seen 10 p.m. since before summer’s bitter end. We’re all in need of extra freedom and friends. I did something wrong, I committed a sin. My own choice, it was. My personal destruction. I don’t regret it, and neither do you. Both of us lied and stretched the truth. So here we go, forever apart. Where did our friendship end and our battles restart? It very much still breaks my heart.

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