Ideas – Life and Death

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2 Eye-Openers from the Flat Earth Theory

Last year a kid told me about his theory that the Earth is actually flat, not round. I laughed it off until I listened to a podcast on this very conspiracy theory a few weeks ago.

It was then that I realized that this idea that the Earth is flat is an actual movement – this thought is spreading. Grown men and women are buying into it. There are events out there promoting the Flat Earth Theory.

I didn’t learn about the shape of the Earth from this theory, but I did learn a couple facts about life:

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1 – An idea, no matter how insane or irrational, can spread immensely.

Whoever started this modern movement has done a great job of amassing followers. There’s no doubt about that. A full on conspiracy theory has developed and all of the spherical Earth images found online are viewed as lies by this group.

Ideas can potentially be the most powerful resources on the planet. Some are used for good, others are used to cause destruction. We all have ideas both small and large. We all hear about, read about, or spread ideas everyday. It’s only natural and it’s a gift. Ideas allow us to use our intelligent thinking and creative sides.

Some ideas have the power to spread across populations, regardless of the intent. In fact, the crazier the claim, the more likely it will probably spread.

Be careful about what you spread as far ideas go. Most importantly, be careful what you believe.

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2 – People will look for faults and lies in everything.

I believe having a hint of skepticism in life is a good trait. Some people think, “Hey, they’re lying to us about the shape of the Earth!” Maybe they are. Who knows? Who are they? And what motive would “they” have to lie to us about this topic? Regardless, we all have the right to ask these questions.

Having skepticism also allows the other side to say, “I don’t believe that theory. I think the images of round Earth are legit and that theory is incorrect.” We all have the right to make this statement as well.

Whatever you believe, you have the right to believe that. I respect those who stand by their belief systems. Make intelligent conjectures and question everything. We shouldn’t believe everything “they” tells us, but we also aren’t being lied to about all the details.

Be skeptical, not insanely cynical, but a bit skeptical.

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That’s what the Flat Earth Theory taught me. I’m personally not a fan of the theory but if you are, I respect that. Ideas have power, question everything.

On a daily routine note, it wouldn’t affect my everyday life if the Earth were flat or even a pyramid. Nothing would change except the structure of Google Earth.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you think of some great ideas today.

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