4 Eye Openers from High Five

Episode two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season One is called ‘High Five.’ We start out with Jason climbing a rope in the local gym/juice bar and later on get to some alien fighting action. Rita Repulsa does her usual screaming and whining and the rangers do their usual kicking and morphing.

It’s only an eighteen minute long show, but here are the lessons I found in ‘High Five’:

Photo by Zack Melhus on Pexels.com

1 – Don’t make fun and talk trash if you can’t back it up.

Jason climbs up a rope and ungracefully comes back down. Bulk teases Jason for the fall, yet Bulk is unable to hold himself up on the rope at all. Bulk ends up making a fool of himself for teasing and then performing poorly.

It’s best to stray away from trash talk of any kind, but if you do it, at least be able to outdo the person you are teasing. Otherwise you’ll end up looking like a fool with a big mouth. Typically anyone who makes fun of others is a fool with a big mouth anyway.

If you boast about how awesome you are – be able to back it up.

2 – Emergencies show us what we’re made of.

Trini expresses early in the episode that she’s afraid of heights. Later when the crew is being attacked by Rita’s Putties, she is forced to face a cliff to save Billy or be afraid and let him be attacked.

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In the heat of the moment, Trini faces her fear of heights and runs to Billy’s rescue. Had her teammate not been in a critical situation, Trini might have never pushed past her phobia.

Tough times can show us that we are capable of overcoming our personal obstacles.

3 – Use your own strengths. Don’t rely too much on crutches.

The team wants to morph early on in the story, but Jason tells them to wait. He says that Zordon wants the rangers to try and fix situations on their own before using the morphers.

Zordon wants to show the rangers that even without special powers, they are still strong and intelligent human beings.

This goes for all of us. We often become extremely reliant on devices and supplements instead of trying first on our own. We don’t need fancy equipment to live and accomplish goals, just like the rangers didn’t need morphers to fight off a few bad guys.

4 – Don’t talk about it, just be about it.

At the end of the episode, the rangers overhear a couple of men talking about the Power Rangers. The team just laughs and continues drinking their juice. They don’t get prideful or curious to know what more the men have to say, they just go about their day.

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People love to talk about their achievements and that’s fine. We should be proud of ourselves. But there’s a huge difference between boasting to others and being internally proud. Celebrate intrinsically. That’s when you know you’re doing what you love and not relying on feedback from others to give meaning to your work.

That’s High Five, Episode 1:2. Four life lessons hidden inside a cheesy kid show: back up your claims, emergencies show us what we’re made of, don’t rely on external power, and live your life instead of talking about it.

On a less serious note, I learned to never accidentally drop my weapon off of a cliff while being pursued by aggressive clay men. That should be a no brainer, Billy. Grip your morpher tightly next time.

Thanks for reading and try not to get caught in a time warp today. Life is hard enough without time warps.

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