This is How the 3 Power Ranger Rules are Life

In the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zordon lists the three rules of Power Rangers that he says all given the power must follow.

These are rules created for a fictional set of power enhanced humans, however, the rules do have value for all of us in the real world as well.

Here’s what can be learned about life from the three rules for rangers:

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Rule #1 – Never use your power for personal gain.

This applies to anything in life. If you have power over someone or something, use it for good. Don’t exploit people and situations in order to gain more for yourself.

If you have more money, more skill, more emotional power than others in your life – use it for good. We are lucky to have our unique strengths and therefore we should use them to make the world a better place.

Rule #2 – Never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you.

Rita is the villain and represents all the stressors of life. Don’t make situations worse than they have to be. Keep your emotions in check and the scenario will play out more smoothly.

Some people like drama and love to throw fire on the flames in a fight. This only ends in creating more damage for everyone in the aftermath – emotionally and physically.

Stay calm and let things go. Don’t make an effort to make arguments worse. Take care of the issue at hand and move on.

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Rule #3 – Keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a power ranger.

Do good for the sake of doing good things. Be a hero for the sake of saving others. Too often we’re only interested in glory and recognition.

When fame and pride are the goal, it undermines the heroic actions and leads one to only do what’s right when others are watching.

Anonymous good deeds won’t get you followers on social media, but it will make the world a better, safer, and kinder place.

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So that’s how the three rules for power rangers can be used in the real world. Basically, use your skills for good, don’t instigate more fighting, and be heroic even if no one is around to witness it.

On another note, I learned that there’s always a catch. A giant floating head with a robot sidekick won’t give out power without setting some ground rules. Which, I suppose, isn’t such a bad thing.

Thanks for reading this post. Go out and use your power for good.

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