3 Motivating Lessons from I, Eye Guy

Eye Guy makes his appearance in episode 8 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1. Eye Guy is a guy, covered all over in eyes. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Rita is starting to understand that she and her minions aren’t very smart, so she concocts a plan to steal a young boy with high intelligence. Why is Rita’s latest solution to her problems to kidnap children? That’s not going to solve anything, Rita.

Anyways, there are three big life lessons in “I, Eye Guy”:

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1 – Don’t let the putties get you down.

The Rangers walk their little friend to his science fair. Along the way they’re attacked by putties. Once they defeat the putties, they continue walking to the fair.

Don’t let distractions and haters keep you from achieving your goal. Brush them off, maybe kick them in the chest, and then go on about your day as if nothing happened. Don’t be upset, don’t dwell on it, just keep doing your thing.

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2 – Go after a friend in need.

The little boy’s science project is disqualified because the judge thinks the boy is playing around and causing a scene at the fair. Though it wasn’t the boy’s fault, he can’t convince the judge and runs away from the fair upset. Concerned, Billy, Jason, and Zack go after the boy.

When a friend runs off and acts like he/she doesn’t want to talk, that might be when that friend needs you most. We all do irrational, crazy things when we’re emotional and hysterically upset. We need a friend to chase after us and give us a hug or a pat on the back to let us know that everything will be okay.

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3 – Let your work speak for you.

The boy returns to the fair after his kidnapping by Eye Guy and rescue by the Power Rangers. He’s delighted to find the judge and another person laughing and enjoying his exciting invention.

The judge honors the boy with a first-place blue ribbon. The kid doesn’t have to speak, in fact, he thought he’d been kicked out of the fair. But because his invention is so well designed, he’s automatically pushed to the top of the ranks.

Let your hard work and valuable creations do all the talking for you. Too many people talk too much and produce nothing of value or interest. They’re all talk. Sometimes it’s more productive to keep your head down, your mouth closed, and work nonstop on your goal.

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That’s it for “I, Eye Guy.” Don’t let the putties get you down, go after friends in need, and let your work speak for you.

On an employer note, if you’re trying to kidnap a child because your minions aren’t smart enough, just fire them and hire new employees. Why go through the trouble of stealing a kid? Seriously, Rita.

Thanks for reading this post. Watch out for those internal vortexes.

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