Day 13 – Fantasies and Realities

We all have different dreams…and that’s the problem. We want different endgames and therefore can never truly get the fantasy we dream of. Because for dreams we need players, and each player has to perform exactly along the scripted lines. Otherwise, nothing is accomplished. The issue is that all players are real humans, and all people have different goals. No one wants to forever play the part in someone else’s fantasy because then his/her own will never become reality. 

Day 6 – Creating Worlds of Fantasy

Writing is a way to make fantasy worlds a reality. It provides a means to accomplishing the childhood dreams that become less possible as we grew up. 

As a child, the imagination is so vivid and unregulated. Zero constraints, no rules of reality, no physics, no logic – just pure freedom to think and create whatever worlds pop into the young mind of a child. 

A Downside to Royalty

A kingdom far away

A marriage arranged

Between a cocky young prince

And a girl made to change

“Be more feminine” they’d say

Slowly she conformed

And was sold to the king

To marry his son

She was princess Daisy

He was Prince Dom

And though it was forced

They fell for each other

She could hang

He was kind

They were in it together

Until one tragic day

When Dom’s father died

Too soon he passed away

Before Dom’s ruling time

Dom had to grow up fast

A kingdom at war

Take the crown, don’t look back

Princess Daisy becomes the queen

The young queen of a kingdom

Under stress at war

With a young king

Growing tired and older by the day

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