The Dream worlds Theory

Our reality that we live each day is only 1 of 3 major realities in existence. In other words, our universe is but 1 of 3. The truth is that 2 other dimensions exist.

The first other dimension is a prosperous one. It’s a world full of everything you, or anyone, has ever wanted. Our other selves are living out our wildest and most joyous fantasies in this utopian universe.

The other, other, dimension is a horrendous one. This is a place filled with terror, misery, and pain. Here, our other selves are living in a literal hell on earth. This is not a place anyone would choose to visit.

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The dimension/reality we live in now is a mixture of the two others. We live in a world that is comprised of both terrible things and wonderful moments. We experience the good side and the bad.

Dreams are the way we connect to these other selves living in the alternate realities. When we experience horrific nightmares we are really glimpsing the life of the other living in the nightmarish universe. Those nights where we wake up in sweats, racing hearts, and relief that it was “only a dream,” we are seeing the darker world in the eyes of our alternate self. Conversely, when we experience pleasant dreams we are seeing through the eyes of our double living in the prosperous dimension. By dreaming, we connect to the alternate self and see into the world of flourishing dreams and heart-warming happiness.

By dreaming, we are connecting to the lighter and darker dimensions of reality. We, in our current world, are stuck in the middle of two extremes. Dreams allow us to peak into the others’ lives.

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