Day 217 – She’s Not Afraid of Demons

She stares at the demons without fear because she’s battled her own demons her whole life. Nothing is more terrifying than her own demons. Others just look like cheap monsters from old movies.

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Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia:

Queen of Demons

The queen of all demons

That was you

Still in my dreams

After seven years 

Where are you now

If not infecting my heart 

Do you even exist 

Without my pain

Without a host 

A host as lost as me

As susceptible as myself

You are nothing

Without a soul to eat

Without me

You need my dreams 

Demonic parasite 

the Ghost I Can’t Forget

Some heartbreaks come and go. It hurts for awhile and then the moving on/letting go processes begin to make their way into our lives. The broken heart gains some perspective and starts mending itself. 

However, there’s always that ONE person that the brain just cannot seem to forget. That ONE scar on the heart that will never go away or be forgotten. The one that lingers for decades no matter how much “moving on” takes place. 

For many, the first heartbreak is the worst. It’s the one that makes an enormous impact on who we are as individuals. The one that changes our outlook on the universe. For others, the person entered in a pivotal time in life. Regardless of when or why, we all have our most intense heartbreak stuck away in a box somewhere, deep down in our memory files. No matter when or who broke the heart into a million shards of glass, we all have that one that we never truly, completely recover from. 

What was so special about that person? Why does the memory of his/her face haunt our dreams for all eternity? Even when we find others to obsess over, others to feel the spark and connect with, the memory of that one person can never be booted from the brain.  It’s life. It’s just the way things work. I wish I could selectively remove you from my mind, but I can’t. So I’ll see you soon, in a passing nightmare.

“But of all of the demons I’ve known, none could compare to you…” See the Light by Ghost

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