321 – Why We Should Not Fear Death

We fear death because we forget who we are. We forget where we actually come from.

We mistakenly believe that we are from this Earth, from this realm. This realm and planet Earth are beautiful, no doubt, but they are not our true homes. We spend so much time and energy here that we begin to believe whole heartedly that this is the only life that exists.

This body of mine on this Earth will die one day, as all do. My soul, however, is eternal.

Life on Earth is temporary. It is to be enjoyed and used as experiences to enhance the eternal soul within.

Death is not to be feared. It is not the end. It’s just a time of moving on from one realm to the next.

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Day 186 – So Goes the Circle of Life

The black widow bit the gentle beast. Few days passed before the cow fell in death. A tragedy from fear befell the peaceful soul. So goes the circle of life.

The vultures and crows had their dinner for days along with coyotes and wildcats. All that remained after a week was a pile of bulging bones that stuck out among the green pasture.

From tragedy, a hero arose. The bones cracked and transformed into a suit of armor for the benevolent soul who could bring peace to the fallen.

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The Strength of the Mother

Waiting for the helicopter, Jake was reminded of the time he had torn his ACL back in high school. He was a junior and dreaded each football game. He hadn’t been sad he would miss the rest of the season that year. 

He held his hands over the makeshift tourniquet and pressed down with firm pressure. The bullet had hit his mother in the torso. Jake’s slow tears dripped on his mother’s face as she wiped them from his face with a weak hand.

The old ACL injury hadn’t been too bad. Jake remembered his mother nursing him back to health. Now that the tables were turned he didn’t know if he could be as strong as she had always been. 

Nothing More than Life and Death

The storm brews outside. It’s autumn, by date, but summer is lingering. The sun sticks around now and then. She had a late start this year. This was my choice until the lightning struck where a soul once lived.

She visits the man despite his evil nature. She is the same, only better at finding a hiding place. She lives in the heat and hides in the cold. It’s all she’s ever known.

The silver car drives out into the night for twelve hours of sadism and misery. “It’s for the money,” he says. What else?

Or perhaps, deep down he likes it. He sold his soul long ago and lost his peace of mind. Now he suffers and spreads it to others around him like a virus. Misery loves company, they say.

He’s selfish, like me, in that way. This is all we have and we have to do our best. Without trying, there’s nothing left. Nothing more than life and death.

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