Dear Sun…Stay

When you are gone for days at a time my spirits fall. I find no motivation for life itself other than eating and sleeping. It’s in these long stretches of sunless sky that I remember how much I love to see and feel your power.

You give me life, Sun. You remind me of what life is about. You take me back to those careless summer days when I was a child free of burden and experience. I want to run in your rays eternally and let the heat sink deep into my cold soul.

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Sun, you heal me. You take the icy darkness out of my blood and replace it with warmth and serenity. You loosen up my rigid muscles and move me to explore the Earth with you watching over from above.

Sun, you lead me to the water where my mind and body feel at peace. Your rays shimmer and glisten on top of the lakes and seas, creating crystals of radiant light that enrich my spirit. The liquid conducts the heat into my skin, penetrating the jagged edges of the stone walls that guard my heart. The warm water floods my bloodstream and washes away the pain of the past.


Don’t you see, Sun? I need you to come and stay. Sleep at night while Moon protects the Earth, but don’t leave me for days at a time. This world cannot live without you, Sun. We need you to stick around. I will send endless love up to you until the end of my days here. I will meditate on your strength and power. I will soak in every second of your glorious reign.

My soul was born from you, Sun, and in you it is rejuvenated. I am your child. Thank you for allowing us to orbit within your holy territory.

Please, Sun, come back to me soon. Don’t let the gaseous clouds hide you any longer.


A Child of the Sun

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