3 Lessons from Day of the Dumpster

In 1993, a kids’ television show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was released. It featured an evil witch attacking the earth while a group of teenagers fought to protect our world.

Power Rangers might be cheesy and for children, but there’s some good stuff deep down in the dialogue and symbolism. Please bear with me and check out what I learned about life from the very first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Day of the Dumpster (S1E1):

1 – Bullies are idiots.

Bulk and Skull enter the juice bar early on in the episode with clumsy music playing in the background. They pick on people, they’re obnoxious, and they’re…idiots.

This paints a great picture of how we should view bullies. They aren’t big and strong, they aren’t admirable, they’re just greasy antagonizers who try to make others feel bad about themselves.

2 – Crazy claims mean nothing without proof.

Zordon explains to the teenagers that they’ll have power and zords to control when they morph. The kids don’t believe Zordon and they leave.

Quickly, they’re attacked and they decide to test the morphers. It worked out well for the rangers and that power Zordon mentioned, turned out to be very real.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My point here is, we should all be skeptical of the crazy claims out there. Some of the ads and products we are sold are ridiculous. Let’s be wise and search for actual proof before we buy into an insane idea. And I mean REAL proof – like you have lived this and tested it yourself, just like the rangers did with their morphers.

3 – Unlikely friendships might lead to a great team.

The five teenagers chosen to become rangers are all different. They are a diverse group with a variety of personality traits. A team should have a dynamic set of skills among its members and this ranger team is an effective example.

Zordon matches each ranger with an ancient creature according to his/her unique style:

Add them all together and we have ourselves a pretty awesome and well-rounded hero.

The first episode of this long-running kid show taught me that bullies are idiots, get proof before you believe something wild, and that different skillsets build powerful teams.

On a less serious note, I learned that if you find a 10,000 year old well on a distant planet – don’t open it. That should be obvious.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a nice day on a planet not under attack by a space witch and her docile minions.

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