12 Quotes From ‘Jane Eyre’ That Will Make You Think (Part 2)

Thank you, Charlotte Brontë, for creating a masterpiece full of wisdom. Here are 12 lines from Jane Eyre that provide incredible life lessons:

“The charm of adventure sweetens that sensation, the glow of pride warms it; but then the throb of fear disturbs it;” Narrator (Chapter 11)

We all want and need new experiences, but are often too afraid to try. Put fear aside and just go for it. It’s okay to be afraid; it’s not okay to let fear prevent opportunities.

“…I believed in the existence of other and more vivid kinds of goodness, and what I believed in I wished to behold.” Narrator (Chapter 12)

Don’t settle. If you know what you want and what you deserve from others and the world, never stop until you find it. It’s out there somewhere.


“It is vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquillity; they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it.” Narrator (Chapter 12)

Feeling guilty about wanting to go out into the world to learn and experience new cultures, lifestyles, and careers is unreasonable. Do what you feel is right for you.

“…one should consider all before pronouncing an opinion as to its nature.” Jane Eyre (Chapter 13)

Don’t judge or condemn when not all the facts are known.

“His changes of mood did not offend me, because I saw that I had nothing to do with their alteration; the ebb and flow depended on causes quite disconnected with me.” Narrator (Chapter 14)

The actions of others are not your fault. Don’t take the actions of others personally.

“…remorse is the poison of life.” Mr. Rochester “Repentance is said to be its cure, sir.” Jane Eyres (Chapter 14)

Make amends for things that you are sorry about.

“I will break obstacles to happiness, to goodness…” Mr. Rochester (Chapter 15)

Nothing can stand in the way of creating a better life for ourselves.

“…convinced me that there must be arguments against its general adoption of which I was quite ignorant, otherwise I felt sure all the world would act as I wished to act.” Narrator (Chapter 18)

Whatever you believe in – whether it’s involving religion, culture, finance, music, etc. – always respect what others believe in. They have their reasons, you have your reasons, and though we see the world differently, we can continue to be courteous to one another.

“…I can live alone, if self-respect and circumstances require me so to do. I need not sell my soul to buy bliss. I have an inward treasure, born with me, which can keep me alive if all extraneous delights should be withheld, or offered only at a price I cannot afford to give.” The gypsy (Mr. Rochester) quoting Jane’s personality (Chapter 19)

Being alone is not a bad thing if it means avoiding people who are toxic. We can all be content within our own presence.


“…my harvest must be in smiles, in endearments…” The gypsy (Mr. Rochester) (Chapter 19)

Making others smile and connecting with friends is more valuable than money.

“…a wanderer’s repose or a sinner’s reformation should never depend on a fellow-creature.” Jane Eyre (Chapter 20)

Don’t look to others to make yourself feel better about regrets or feelings. This must come from within.

“I still felt as a wanderer on the face of the earth: but I experienced firmer trust in myself and my own powers, and less withering dread of oppression. The gaping wound of my wrongs, too, was now quite healed, and the flame of resentment extinguished.” Narrator (Chapter 21)

Once you feel good and confident about yourself, nothing is impossible.

Thanks for reading. Check out Part 1 if you missed it and have a great day!

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Hard Truths from ‘Of Mice and Men’

Of Mice and Men is a novella by John Steinback and was released in 1937. It’s a story about a pair of men traveling and looking for work, dreaming of owning their own land. Here’s what this book taught me about life:

Photo by Mat Reding on Pexels.com

If something goes wrong, move on and start over.

The main characters referred to an incident early on in the story. They tried to move on and begin anew in a fresh location where no one knew who they are.

Packing up and heading out to a new unknown is terrifying and extremely inconvenient, but sometimes it’s the exact situation we need in order to make a better life for ourselves.

I’m not saying we should all give up and leave the minute something goes wrong, but if you’re constantly trying for an extended period of time and just can’t be happy, maybe it’s time to move on. If you’ve given it your best shot and you’re only digging a deeper hole, pack it up and try something new. Life is too short to remain in an unhappy, miserable situation for too long.

Photo by Cliford Mervil on Pexels.com

Know your own strength.

A major conflict in Of Mice and Men is that one of the main characters failed to realize how physically powerful he was.

A lot of issues for us today are that we don’t realize how strong we are. I’m not referring to physical strength, but to emotional strength and intelligence. We are resilient and capable human beings.

The main character had an issue with strength – he needed to back off. We have an issue with strength in the opposite way – we need to push harder. We need to understand how amazing we are and how sturdy our hearts can be. We can get through anything and can pursue our greatest dreams without fear because we are capable.

Know how strong you are. Be strong. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

The right thing to do is often difficult.

I won’t spoil the story, but a tough decision had to be made at the end of the novel. Tough is a weak word, too. It’s not a choice anyone in the history of human kind would like to make. Regardless, the right choice was made and carried out.

Everyday we face choices that aren’t fun. It’s often easier to brush things off and ignore issues at hand. It’s much more fulfilling to just suck it up and make the right choice. It’s easier said than done, but we must have integrity and do the right thing.

Are mice and men really so different?

Both mice and men can be crushed in an instant by a powerful force. Both mice and men just want to live in peace and survive with enough food to eat and a safe place to sleep.

Are mice and men really much different in the big picture of the universe?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading this post on Of Mice and Men. Know how strong you are, move on when it’s time, and always try to do the right thing.

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5 Wholesome Lessons from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was published in the 1860s by a man named Lewis Carroll. There have been movies made based on this fantastical book and it continues to be popular in the 21st century. It’s a fun read full of madness and anomalous events.

Here are five wholesome life lessons found in this classic tale:

1 – Falling into a hole isn’t always a bad thing

“I almost wish I hadn’t gone down that rabbit-hole – and yet – and yet – it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life! I do wonder what can have happened to me!”


Just like Alice, we all occasionally fall down the metaphorical rabbit hole. We take a tumble, look up, and think, “How did I end up here?”

At first, the fall always seems scary and unpredictable. But maybe unpredictable isn’t a bad thing. Maybe we need to fall in life from time to time to have an adventure and discover more about the world around us.

Purtis Creek State Park

2 – Search for yourself.

“‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”


Exploring ourselves and what we’re made of can be a lifelong journey if we have the courage to step out and discover new things. We might have a general idea of wants, needs, fears, and likes, but there’s always more to be found out about who we are.


3 – We, as humans, change all the time and can be many things in this life.

“…I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”


“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another!”


As we venture through life and explore more about ourselves, it’s very likely that we’re going to change – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Welcome changes and embrace new discoveries. Everyday is a new day to learn more about who we are and what we are.

4 – If the destination is unknown, you’re free to take any path.

“‘I don’t much care where -‘ said Alice. ‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.”


If you find yourself lost or wandering, enjoy the limbo. It can be so very intimidating and mysterious, but that’s the beauty of having no direction. If there’s nowhere you feel you have to go, you’re free to explore any path available.

Fairfield Lake State Park

5 – We’re all crazy.

“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

The Cat

Seriously, we’re all insane. We all have issues and different perspectives on life. We all have unique beliefs, values, opinions, and styles. So don’t judge and never be afraid to be yourself.

Owl at Dallas Zoo

On a medical note, if you find random bottles of liquids that say, “Drink this,” it’s probably a good idea to NOT drink them. To be fair, Alice is a child who just fell into a hole full of fantasy, so she’s off the hook.

Thanks for reading this post and I will leave you with a goodbye question:

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

The Hatter
Purtis Creek State Park

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Twelventures #1: At Home

ButterCup Alley:
Flowers are pretty. 
Some say flowers smell nice. 
Whatever natural beauty the flowers possess
is nothing compared to what they represent
What is a flower but a promise of Spring?
With warmer weather and dying disease
Upcoming storms followed by ease
Soon to see summer and a soul set free
What is a summer but time of freedom?
Soaking in a sun filled kingdom
People flocking to oceans and beaches
Vacations taken by those who need em
Rest is too often forgotten
In a world where lazy also means rotten
Overworked and much downtrodden
In desperate need of peace and calm concoctions
What is peace but a little silence?
Away from all our daily violence
Depressing news eagerly recited
Mute the sounds and rest the eyelids
The boisterous noise of normality 
Turns hidden anxieties into reality 
We put faith in all these fallacies
Artificial in upmost propriety
Conforming will keep us safe
From deviations leading to hate
We strive to make others think
That we’re the same in every way
What is unique is seen as bad
Differences aren’t to be had
They shun and shame the mad
ashamed when they should be glad
What varies is unstable and wise
Society needs us to be blind
It will quickly collapse otherwise
Filled full of those with free minds
Will a free mind not flourish?
Allowed the growth to adore it
Without the norm to destroy it
And the weeds to ignore it?
Leaving it be will allow for expanse
Letting a flower morph and advance
Rise up in the sun and progress
Do exactly what the others can’t
Each flower grows a unique design
None are the same, all are divine
Creating a blanket of beautiful life
Inspiration and leaving a sign
What is a flower but a sign of Spring?
A promise of the purity it brings
Rainwater falls, storms come and leave
Leftover is a colorful field of dreams
Flowers represent human growth and power
Human diversity, adversity with each shower
Flowers flourish and never cower
A sign of humanity is the pretty flower
 Whatever beauty the flower may possess
Is nothing to the power it of what it represents
Will Work For Pool:
Cleaning is hard labor
but it’s worth the swim later.
Cackle Laugh and Splash
Summer is best
because I get more time with you.
You are the sun
the earth
and the truth.
Your laugh is toxic
and comical to the point of tears.
Your wonder is peacefully indicative of your childhood years.
This is for you, all this work
just for you.
One day soon
hard work will be through.
Then all that’s left
will be me and you.
If Foundation is Truth
Is this our future? So bland and dry
More dull history to ruin the eyes
Millions of worlds, trillions of minds
Still not enough to truly know why?
What is the point of political lies?
The bigger picture is that we all die
Money and society to hide behind
Galactic wars and genocide
Nothing changes in this life
People are the same old kind
Add technology and new fights
A thousand years still dead inside
Empires and kings keep their rule 
No one is free, most are cruel
The poor and the rich, a constant duel
There’s just no hope for us fools
Hidden Agendas
Lawless Laws
No Redemption
Flawed Society
We are nothing more.
Lime Green Slender Snake:
Your firm form and stoic
I won’t get too close
To scare you away
I only want a glimpse
Of your mesmerizing face
What are you, little snake?
Something to be feared?
Or a momentary escape?
Come closer, little friend
I’ll soon go away
Your beauty is haunting
Our meeting is fate
So still and silent
With grace you stand
No need for violence
I’m an honest fan
Listening to Scared to Death:
Curse you
For being so intriguing
Curse me
For being so curious
I cannot sleep
The ghost
Might get me
Misfit Wolf Pack:
All of us have lost so much.
The first was a runt and chosen in pity. The second was dumped and pushed away.
The third had the most difficult past of all. She was thrown from a car and left for dead. She found the Misfit Wolf Pack and now she is one of us.
So is her newly born pup.
Join us. Or leave us to be.
We are one and we are free.
Snakes and Shadows:
Tree branches cast sleek shadows
 from the setting sun 
creating black masses 
like snakes all over the gravel road. 
Sometimes the shadows 
really are snakes, though. 
Who would have guessed? 
Am I a shadow 
or a snake? 
I’m just a passerby 
with too much experience 
with both. 
I stay on the go. 
I jog my pace 
and flaunt my flow. 
Everyone knows. 
They don’t wave anymore, 
like me, they just go. 
We’re all sick and tired 
of snakes and shadows. 
Cursed to Run:
Running on gravel and dirt
makes one’s bare feet hurt
Cursed to run.
Sometimes it’s fun.
It’s always refreshing to sweat
under the sun.
Run, run, run,
until I come undone.
When it rains
It Pours
When I’m down
It rains more
No sun
Lots of war
The next day
It might rain
But I’ll rise
Through my pain
The rain
leaves its mark
The roads are mud
My gloomy heart
But I walk
In the water
I won’t fall
I won’t falter
I’m down
But not out
The rainwater
Leaves no doubt
The Snail:
I delivered him
To an irreversible fate
Long overdue
He’s approaching that age
It broke my heart
To lead him astray
Until I saw the snail
Crossing in my way
Distraction? Perhaps
Unknown origin
First encounter, yes
Releasing endorphins
Swirly, soft shell
Slow moving, sluggish
Hide from these eyes
Your presence abundant
Adore it
Don’t touch it
Snap it
Observe it
Leave it
Sent it
Search it up
Never see it again
Goodbye, new friend
Be like the cats and do nothing but nap. Work and work, it’s all we know.
For if we fail to work our lack will show. What’s to do but never sleep, never rest? Humans cannot rest until death. Misconceptions are such beliefs.
We are only human
and we much need sleep
I Buried a Body:
I buried a body and unearthed a box
Drenched in mud inside and out
I sliced open the shell
Dumped out the past
Ripped it up
Sent it to the trash
That’s not me anymore
Thank the lord
I won’t go back
To that state of mind
To that life of mine
Cursed and despised
A different time
Darker days
Now I’m wise
Never the same
I’ve seen the light
I’ve seen the meaning
I destroyed the plight
Now I’m dreaming
Loving day and night
Now I live
Now I fight
Now I know
I am alive
A misguided soul six years ago
Much can change with time
Time passing is a heart healing
Time passing is eyes seeing the truth
Time passing is gaining wisdom
Time is always on the move
As is time, must so be the mind
Always moving, growing wise
Never die, soul of mine
You are indestructible 
You have survived
Who I was is always kind
Who I am is still divine
The universe so far and wide
There’s no place for wasted time
A buried box
A buried life 
An unhealthy way
That had to die
I was lost
I’m always lost
Lost is life
Lost is right
Now I know the truth
The search is ongoing
But I’ve learned my core
The knowledge is pouring
Values will persist
The basics are stone
My heart can resist
The lies that show
The girl who buried this box
She needed a guide 
I’m so very relieved 
I found my tribe
Some came and went
Others still here
All were years well spent
Through blood and tears
This box reminds me
Of what I left behind
I’m never going back
I’ve found new life
There will be no burning
No ceremony
Nothing significant about this old way
I’ve made peace 
I’ve moved on
I still struggle
But I have won 
That war is history
So very long ago
No pyres necessary
No burying of bones
Just thrown in the trash 
Where other forgotten stuff goes
Oh little twenty
A lifetime ago
If only you knew
How awesome you’d grow
I buried a body and threw out the past
I paid no mind to that ancient trash

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