5 EPIPHANIES in ‘Happy Birthday, Zack’

Happy Birthday, Zack is episode 10 of season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Rangers pretend to forget Zack’s birthday (Zack is the black ranger/Mastodon) in order to keep him oblivious to the surprise party they’re planning.

Rita has her minions create a “Nasty Knight” to defeat the Rangers, etc. Nothing new, just a new bizarre looking creature and a different daily situation for our teenagers in the 90s.

Though it’s much of the same, here are 5 new life lessons from Happy Birthday, Zack, episode 10:

1 – Show your friends that you love them.

Plan a party, buy a random gift, or simply show some love to your friends. Let them know how important they are and how much they are appreciated.

2 – If you have a secret, make up a more insane secret (innocent and harmless to others) to deter others from discovering your secret.

If you’re a superhero fighting off aliens everyday and wanting to keep your identity unknown, just lie and start some rumors that the superhero everyone sees is actually from outer space. That will throw everyone off your trail.

3 – No one wants to fight on his/her birthday.

Zack makes a comment similar to this and I think it’s a great statement. We all need some time to relax and be celebrated for being alive. Don’t fight on birthdays. Celebrate on birthdays.

4 – Learn from the strengths of others.

Don’t be jealous or angry when someone is better at a certain skill. Use their strengths as motivation and learn from the other person’s skill level. We are all beginners at some point, and no one is the best at everything. So watch and learn.

5 – Bake or buy a cake instead of inventing a magic cake machine. Geez.

Billy’s magic cake machine is a disaster. Sometimes it’s best to take the simple path and just buy a cake. Lesson learned, Billy.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great day far from any Nasty Knights!

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