Day 108 – I’ll Help and You’re Mine

Can I help you and you’ll be mine?

And we’re together until the end of time?

Day 79 – Dogs are Great and People Suck

Advocating for stuff I believe in seems like a waste of time to me. I have no faith that people will be smart enough or kind enough to see things the way I do. So I’ll just do my thing and live my life while ignoring all the ignorant and greedy people around me. They can judge all they want. It’s not matter to me. They are a lesser species worrying about superficial matters.

Day 72 – You Don’t Need To Talk to That Person

Hey there. You don’t need to talk to that person. It wasn’t fate that brought you two together, it’s just a small world. Plus you’re vulnerable – it was a long, busy day full of tiny soul stabbing moments. Listen to some music. Meditate. Play with your animals. Write a story. Don’t talk to that person. That person is far beneath you. You deserve better.

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