Creating MEdusa and Achilles

Video Log #899

“Fascinating are the stories from days when stories were the only form of entertainment. That’s why I’ve created the beasts below the bunker. They will plunge this world back into the days of the renowned Greek storytellers. I’m mostly excited about the Medusa I’ve created. She is perfect and will turn thousands to stone with her stone-vision. Her hair is made of real snakes I captured and merched with her artificial skull. She will change society herself within just a few days of release. The first misson for Medusa will be to destroy my brother. He wishes to stop me and he might be the only person intelligent enough to do so.”

“Not today, Richard.”

“Oh! No, no, no!”

“I am Achilles, product of Raymond. He sends his regards.” Achilles plunges a spear into Richard’s belly.

End Video Log #899

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