328 – Money and the Flat Earth Theory

He wants money for Christmas. He wants money all the time. The world revolves around it. Why wouldn’t he want it?

He had been told that money equals status. It equals happiness.

Tik tok stars. Celebrities. Things. All give off the impression that fame and money are the goals of a perfect life aspiration,

So he wants money. Money for things and these things might get him followers. Then he’s moneyless again and asks for more money for more things.

See with money and followers, there’s no cap. It’s like trying to run to the end of the Earth – you’ll just keep going on forever, never reaching your goal. Round and round. Never ending. Never happy.

I’m not a flat-earth conspiracy person.

For flat earth people, you have to just come up with your own metaphors. I’m tired and your brain probably likes to morph words anyway.

Money, money, money. Guns and watches and cars and jewelry and phones and video games and Apple and Android and shoes and clothes and nothing matters anymore.

Stuff to stuff drawers and closets and hide the missing pieces of your soul. Cover the broken hearts with shiny necklaces and smart watches. Gain more followers to fill the void and feeling that you’re unlovable.

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