327 – Promises are Currency

Promises like currency

Spend them wisely

But we don’t

It’s like credit

Spent frivolously

It means nothing


Just say it more often

Loses its value quickly


Same thing

Takes more to mean anything

These days

Like credit

“I’ll pay you back.”

Yet no one ever does

Trust scores

Promise scores

Averaging low for most

Takes years to build it

One bad decision

It send it plummeting


Rock bottom

Trust debt

Promise debt

Goes with us to the grave

And beyond

Into the next life

Mean it

Or don’t say it

If you don’t have

The capacity

To deliver

Don’t say it

Don’t promise it

Don’t ask for trust

It there’s a chance

You’ll fail

Like currency

Don’t spend

What you don’t have

Don’t spend frivolously

If you can’t back it up

Build a lifetime of

Trust and promises

Be wealthy in

Trust and promises

Not drowning in debt

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