326 – The Devil only Exists in Your Head

Ten years ago I was afraid of the devil. Now I’m not even sure I believe in the devil. I thought I was evil and haunted by demons because of the things I had done. They told me something was wrong with me and I believed them. I felt I wasn’t good enough for grace because of what I had been told my entire life.

Breaking free of all those beliefs has set me apart from all the negativity I grew up with. How could I ever go back? Am I perfect? No. Am I evil and deserving of torment and suffering? No.

So call me the devil all you want. If becoming a better person and learning that I’ve never had anything to be sorry for is satanic, then so be it. They can think what they will. They’ve looked down upon me my entire life. I tried to please them and I have now grown wings to escape their darkness.

I am not the darkness just because I’m a free thinker and enjoy death metal. I am not the darkness just because I am proud of myself and my choices. They are the darkness for making children feel ashamed of themselves. They are the darkness infecting this world. They are the darkness they do religiously preach against.

I do believe in the devil. The devil is all of those zealots condemning those of us trying to live and enjoy life. You wanted the devil, you created him.

I’m not afraid of the devil because I’m confident in who I am. I know where I stand. I don’t have all the answers but I know I’ll never return to your house of lies and judgement.

My goal is to spread love and goodness to the world. Your goal is to infect people’s minds with self hate and condemnation.

Call me the devil all you want. For every accusation you make, you only grow the devil in your own heart.

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