316 – Free Rain Meditation

Rain pouring down

Clean, fresh, and pure

Wash over me

Cleanse every part of my body and soul

Clear my head of the evil I’ve seen

Clear my mind of the wrongs I believed

Cleanse my eyes and set them free

Let them see the good in everything

Clear my sinuses and open them wide

Cleanse my mouth of all my own lies

Clear my throat of drainage

Clear my chest of plaque and wash the pain from my heart

Shower my shoulders with health and purity

Rejuvenate my elbow joints and cleanse my hands of all negativity

Clear my lungs and solidify my ribs

Cleanse my organs and flush them free

Soak my thighs in the healing water of the sky

Rejuvenate my knees and wash away the work of the years

Clean the calves and purify the feet

Rainwater pour from the sky and wash away my disparities

Make me new

Make me clean

Set me free

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Never bring fingers to a tooth fight.

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