286 – Don’t be Bitter (Story)

She’s the captain

With experience

He was requested

To be second

But he wanted to be captain

For the first time

He thought it was

His big break

But no

She requested him

It’s bad taste

To turn down a captain

Of her experience

So he accepted



Hiding contempt

For the woman captain

He did his job


He retained his attitude

Of contempt

Towards her

Until one day

The two of them

We’re trapped inside

A bunker

Full of


They both fault valiantly

“We make a good team,

You see?”

She asked

They rested

He rolled his eyes

She apologized

He asked why

“For whatever I’ve done

To ruin your life.”

He shamefully

Dipped his head

“I’ve been wrong,”

He sighed

He told the truth

The root of his fits

And poor charisma

He apologized

He gained the courage

To tell her more

How he’d never had a captain

As meaningful as her

He’d learned it all

It such short time

To make crews a family

To enjoy the experience

He’d never seen

That before

They bonded among the dead

Before the final fight

They fought bravely

Side by side

Until she took a hit

In place of him

She fell to the ground

She smiled at him

Before her eyes closed

He apologized more

And begged her to stay


It was much

Too late

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