281 – Why We Should Be Like Clara Oswald

Sustainable injuries to the crematorium for fire and purification.

Do you understand the purpose of our secret sanctum?

Run, run, run you clever girl and remember – Clara wants you to be brave.

Clara taught me to do things my own way. To speak my mind and play no games. Kicking butt and taking names. And lots of running. It’s insane – all the running.

Be along for the ride while slightly in charge at the same time. Be like Clara.


Be brave and smart. Be clever and have heart. Be kind, yet firm. State your mind and continue to learn.

Be like Clara. Run, run, run. Save the Doctor and universe at once. Be wise and witty, nice and gritty.

Be like Clara – live. Live fully. Live vibrantly. Live for love and adventure. Live to help others in need. Live to guide a traveler along his eternal journey. Just live.

That’s what Clara taught me – LIVE. Life is short for us humans, especially those of us with calls to adventure. So live. Don’t let anyone hold us back.

Be like Clara. Live life like Clara.

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