277 – The Purpose of Working Out

Working Out and I have an interesting history that’s not always a picture of perfect mental health. But I’ve come a long way in my recovery and I know I need to stay active.

If the body is just a vessel for the soul, then appearance of the vessel isn’t relevant. Staying active is much more meaningful than altering the vessel’s looks.

Staying active helps bring the soul to life. It energizes the soul’s values and life force. It also keeps the vessel strong and healthy, which allows the soul more opportunities to explore and live life.

That being said, I’ve not been very active lately. But hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

This is what I did today with my broken finger:

100 jumping jacks

90 high knees

80 side hops

70 jump rope (no rope)

60 standing toe touches

50 butt kicks

40 hip abduction (20 per)

30 chair squats

20 walking lunges

10 frog jumps

On the floor! (AHS 1984 Montana Voice)

100 flutter kicks

90 bridges

80 ab bike (spine crunch) 😬

70 laying toe touches (there’s probably a legit name for this I’m unaware of)

60 laying hip abduction L

50 ^ R

40 oblique crunches 20 per

30 second plank L elbow

20 second plank R

10 sit ups

Barefoot walk with my pups for a cool down

You know what else is a soul boost? A playlist full of feels. Feels and metal.

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