274 -An Insightful Meditation

Perhaps it’s time I stopped asking and started listening. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I actually have no clue. I want abnormalities, but I suppose those can come in all sorts of boxes.

I basically want to be happy and not spending my life forcing myself to go to a job I despise everyday.

So…what do I love to do? Maybe I should focus on that. All goals aside, all expectations can die – WHAT DO I LOVE TO DO?

1 – Read. 2 – See nature and wildlife. 3 – Hangout with the kids.

Playing volleyball was incredibly enjoyable but I suppose I’m out for the remainder of the season. Perhaps I can play softball when that season comes around in January.

Diagnosis / mangled finger

4 – Skateboarding. 5 – Paddle boarding. 6 – Anything in the water.


We visited a foreign country in Europe full of other tourists. We drove over a bridge above a massive body of water. I saw creatures swimming below and assumed they were whales but upon closer inspection I discovered they were…elephants. Hundreds of elephants were swimming and bathing below the bridges.

(Later) You know, the world is so tainted with victims and people who love to feel sorry for themselves. I don’t want to be one of them.

(Later) Escape the snakes! Just a baby rat snake. No harm.

A little rat snake / a big dead tree

A little walking to set my mind free

8:45 p.m.

Like there’s no tomorrow – that’s how to live. Dancing freely in the setting sun like an innocent kid. Not worried about jobs and medical bills. This one single moment is all that exists.

No tomorrow, not five years from now or retirement plans. Just this playing song and hanging with friends. Drinking juice on the back porch as the sun sets. This autumn night will never end.


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