Day 7 – Sitting in Silence is a Sanctum

Just knowing that someone is there, willing to listen, helps a ton. Even if we speak no words and make no confessions, having another soul close by with open ears can make a huge impact on a damaged soul. 

Much of the problem nowadays is the fact that we are all too timid to speak up about the storms brewing inside of us. Whether it’s because of shame, social norms, or poor past experiences of sharing, pretty much everyone is hesitant to share his/her darkest secrets. 

So if you have a friend in need of venting, but she won’t speak to you, don’t let frustration take over. Just be there for your friend and let her know that you’re available to listen – with an open mind and completely open ears. No judgement. And if she still doesn’t want to speak, then sit with her in silence. Even that – just having a friend in close quarters – will help her feel a bit better. 

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