This is Why Kids are Smarter than Adults

Kids are less educated, less developed, and less experienced than adults. Yet, they are far more intelligent. Here are 12 reasons why:

1 – Children have no concept or concern of money.

Money is all we worry about as we grow up – we want more, we never have enough, we think we deserve more, etc. Kids don’t really even understand money, and for that, they don’t obsess over getting more of it. They don’t feel anxious and stressed when their wallets aren’t full of cash. They don’t even care that they don’t have a wallet at all.

2 – Kids don’t worry about the future.

Children know how to live in the moment. Right now is all that matters to them. They’re not thinking about work tomorrow, next year’s income, or if they’ll amount to anything one day. All they care about is this moment.

3 – Children are quick to forgive others. 

Kids don’t stay mad at each other for very long. They get over arguments pretty quickly and go back to playing. No grudges, just forgiveness. It’s all good and “let’s get back to playing tag.”

4 – Kids have no concept hate or racism. 

Babies are born without a concept of “others are less than us.” They don’t care if you’re black, white, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, or any other nationality. Take care of them and they’ll love you, regardless of race.

5 – No regrets live in the heart of a child.

When a kid strikes out in t-ball, he jogs back to the dugout and immediately forgets as he drinks his juice. As adults, when we strike out, it’s game over. We feel frustrated with ourselves, think about it all night, and carry the failure over to the next opportunity. We should try to be like children – move on, no regrets. Just let it go.

6 – Children are intuitive. They pay attention even when you aren’t aware of their presence.

As we grow up, we tend to talk more and listen less. Be like a child and listen to everything, observe what’s going on around you.

7 – Kids are hopeful and generally positive.

To a child, dreams aren’t dreams – they are potential realities of the future. Kids aren’t afraid to look to the stars and dream of achieving greatness. Why do we lose that optimism as we grow up?

8 – Everyone is a potential friend to the mind of a child.

Kids can become best friends in less than five minutes. Whereas adults build walls against each other, make judgements on first sight, and avoid interaction at all costs. Making a friend shouldn’t be as difficult as it is for us, perhaps we should take lessons from children.

9 – For the most part, kids only want simple things to satisfy basic needs.

Properly fed, safe, well rested, and loved – if a kid has all of those things, she is likely content. Only as we age do we start to care more about material, unnecessary items.

10 – Kids have great curiosity and are always open to exploration.

Learning and asking questions, always on the lookout for new information – the world is a giant library to a child’s mind. At some point, we lose the desire to learn and explore.

11 – Fun is rule number one.

Fun comes first. Food, sleep, work, chores – nothing gets in the way of having a good time. As adults, we have to be a bit more responsible at times, but we tend to cut out fun all together.

12 – Love from a child is always genuine.

When a child loves you, you can always be assured that she means it. Without yet having developed the ability to manipulate or lie, love is always pure and meaningful.

Thank you for reading this post. Let’s all strive to be more childlike in these 12 ways. Have fun, be curious, love genuinely, only want what you need, see a friend in all, dream big, never regret, use intuition, forgive fast, no hate, and never obsess about money and the future. Thanks again, and have a great day. 🙂

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