The #1 Rule of Life – We Are One

Rule of Life #1 is to always remember that WE ARE ONE.

Treat everyone and everything in nature accordingly.


This Earth we live on is one massive body of life. We are all essential components to keep this beautiful body safe and spinning. It’s up to us to work together and keep Her healthy. This is one body. We are one unit. Never do harm to others or nature because each negative and evil act harms this sacred Body of Earth.

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Our lives are all connected in the big picture of this massive, eternal LIFE. What one does will surely affect all others. Make wise and pure decisions for the sake of all life. For what one does will circle back to the individual in the end. Be pure, do what is right.

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The soul is the center of all life. Within each body a soul is the light that keeps Earth spinning. Each has a light of the personal soul encased in a shell of flesh and bone. The souls are unique, but at the same time, the souls are all ONE. One soul affects all others and each will be affected by those around. Keep the soul cleansed and free from the darkness of stress and evil that exists in the world. Be a light in the dark of negative energy all around.

Each light will spread if allowed to do so. Bring light to those in darkness.

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Thank you for reading this post. WE ARE ONE. Never forget the connectedness of the residents of Earth.

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