No Clowning Around Will Teach You 3 Truths About Life

“No Clowning Around” is episode 11 of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Rangers hang out at a carnival and are having a great time until a creepy clown turns Trini’s (Yellow Ranger) little cousin into a cardboard cutout version of herself.

The creepy clown named “Pineapple” is actually, thus far, the most normal and legit monster yet. He fits into the modern negative clown stereotype that we have today. (I’m so sorry if you are a clown and are not a creep. I’m sure there are plenty of decent humans who dress up in obnoxious makeup and colorful clothes, but I can’t help but see all clowns as versions of Pennywise or John Wayne Gacy. Thanks a lot, horror books and serial killers.)

But JUST when you think we have a regular monster to fight, he sheds his human clown skin and becomes a giant pineapple…

We almost made it through one episode without insanity and then giant pineapple man shows up and screws up everything. But it wouldn’t be Power Rangers without an eccentric beast. And he turns people into cardboard cutouts, which is actually not too bad of a trick. I’d certainly like to turn a few people I know into boards.

Anyways, here are 3 life lessons from “No Clowning Around,” episode 11:

1 – Keep a close eye (and probably a hand) on children at carnivals (or any public place).

When it’s crowded, loud, and chaotic, it’s difficult to keep up with kids. And unfortunately there are too many evil people in the world. So keep a watchful eye on kids at carnivals, and watch your own back as well. Stay on your toes.

2 – Praise your teammates when they perform well.

Encouragement and praise are great motivations to continue to work hard. Constantly show teammates love and they’ll show you love in return. As a result, the team will be unstoppable.

3 – Prioritize your family/responsibilities.

Sometimes the universe throws multiple meteorites at us and we have to make decisions on what to tackle first. Remember what’s most important. Choose wisely and take care of the most crucial issue before trying to destroy the others.

Watch your kids at crowded places, praise your teammates, and prioritize responsibilities. Thanks for reading, have a great day! Don’t get kidnapped by any evil pineapple clowns.

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